ze5470 bios problem.....

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ze5470 bios problem.....

I am a bit new at this forum thing but here goes....
I was updating my bios a few nights ago on my pavilion ze5470us notebook.... To my estute amazement the power went out, something I know is bad, but not quite why.... Now I cannot boot up anything, no lights, the drives do not work, the only thing I can establish is working is the cpu fan.
I attempted to solve the problem in a few ways.
I removed the cmos battery for an hour to try and reset it.
That didnt work,
I attempted to install a bios update through a bootable diskette... but the floppy drive doesnt power up.
I tried to block the boot with a boot-block jumper via the parallel port so i could boot with the diskette as per HP's service manual sugestion.
Again no workie....
I remember in on my old PII desktop I was able to flash the bios by removing the jumper on the motherboard, powering it up, and replacing it. Is that possible with the ze5470us notebook? If so where is the terminal located?

Other then that, after the numerous hours of searching, and a few choice words, i am at a loss as to what to do other then sending it in to HP and having them rape me with charges.

Any ideas? anything would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance for any information,
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Re: ze5470 bios problem.....

As I'm pretty sure that model doesn't have a dual BIOS (specifically for this reason), I'm afraid the only real thing to do is to contact HP's support directly and send it in to them.

As the BIOS is corrupt, you won't be able to do anything with it. It doesn't even know what a drive is let alone how many you have. It knows nothing about paralell or serial ports. It's just a hunk of plastic, metal and electronics at the moment.
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Re: ze5470 bios problem.....

Dead box.

There is probably no way to save the box other than a factory repair. They warn you about this issue, which is why I update bios while hooked to a UPS.

Chicken or the egg type thing.

You can not recognize the diskette drive without bios.

You can't load bios without a diskette drive.

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