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176 legacy apps moved to cloud, 174 stayed. All in sync in a hybrid infrastructure in 4 months.


trust power.PNGLegacy applications are crucial, but when a company wants to grow its business it is like trying to reshape cement groundwork. Trustpower, a New Zealand-based energy company, had more than 350 legacy applications when it made the decision to upgrade its infrastructure. HPE Helion Cloud Solutions customized a more scalable foundation to support Trustpower’s growing needs. Within four months of project initiation, Trustpower’s hybrid cloud infrastructure will be up and running. The result: Trustpower believes its new way of doing business will meet market demands more quickly, free up resources for better customer service, and cut costs.

Making the move

176.PNGTrustpower is an energy and telecommunications retailer in New Zealand with 34 hydro-electric plants and wind farms generating around 5 percent of the country’s power. Founded in 1993, Trustpower has grown to more than 500 employees serving 300,000 customers. The company also has two operational wind farms in Australia, and has plans for several more to go online soon.

With business booming, Trustpower opted to move its IT infrastructure and application development to the cloud. However, the more than 350 legacy applications weighed heavily on Trustpower, making a transition to the cloud a challenging task. Trustpower partnered with HPE experts to craft a solution.

“We base technology decisions on three things: The right technology, the right relationship and the right price,” says Matt Van Deventer, Head of Technology, Trustpower. “We really like that the technology is built on open source and open standards, and that HPE has embraced this new way of doing things.”

Finding the right mix

The HPE Enterprise Services team determined that 176 of the more than 350 legacy applications were suitable for a transition to the cloud. Further assessment found that many of the traditional applications were too vital for the company to move to a pure cloud environment. HPE Helion CloudSystem Foundation was the right solution.

The HPE Helion CloudSystem Foundation platform allowed Trustpower to quickly deploy its scalable applications to private cloud environments while maintaining full integration with its non-scalable applications.

“The attractive thing about HPE Helion was the maturity of the model, and the proven record that HPE–who is a long-time trusted partner of ours–has moving similar application workloads into the cloud was the defining point of our decision,” Van Deventer says.

How it works: The HPE Helion CloudSystem Foundation allows enterprises to get more from traditional IT applications, even as it affords the ability to create new, cloud-native applications. It is built on HPE Helion OpenStack technology with HPE Helion Development Platform providing open APIs for hybrid cloud solutions, portability, and plug-in technology to accelerate application deployment.

 Some of the legacy applications Trustpower moved to the cloud went into an HPE Helion Managed Private Cloud, which reduced the need for the company to hire new IT staff. HPE Technology Services helped simplify datacenter migration. The HPE Operations Orchestration automated IT processes ensuring quick deployment to the cloud.

Optimizing its new cloud environment, Trustpower installed several HPE servers and blades designed to support the HPE Helion cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure is the company’s public cloud platform. Easy-to-use cloud management software, HPE Cloud Service Automation will simplify brokering Trustpower’s business processes across the multiple cloud providers.

An optimal foundation for the future

With its adoption of a hybrid cloud using HPE Helion cloud solutions, Trustpower’s IT department will, now, be able to get new products to the market faster, and more quickly serve its customers while reducing capital and operational costs.

 “After November [2015] the shackles of traditional infrastructure will be off, and if we want to spin up 1,000 instances of a Hadoop cluster or some sort of Big Data and predictive analytics project we’ll be able to do that,” Van Deventer says. “That’s what the business is really thrilled about; the opportunities that the cloud offers are pretty exciting.” HPE Helion.jpg

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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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