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A long day’s night

Chris Purcell

My teenage daughter Margaret is currently very into “The Beatles” music at the moment and both the song “A long day’s night” and the reason behind the song were playing on my mind during my trip from Houston, Texas to Sydney, Australia recently. For any of you that have made that trip, you will know it to be a very long 14 hour flight (LA to Sydney) and it’s a day that you spend mostly in the night, because of all the different times zone you are flying through.


I was travelling to the land down under to participate in the Technology at Work roadshow, with Sydney being one of 5 cities being visited on this South Pacific sub region tour. (Australia and New Zealand making up one of the seven sub regions within the overall Asia Pacific Japan region.)


The Sydney event was held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre July 30th and it took the form of a mini HP Discover, where the attendees had the opportunity to see how Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Security are changing not only the way technology is delivered, but how it is being consumed. Along with the extensive product and solution showcase, there was also a wide variety of demo theater sessions that attendees could attend during the day to gain a clearer understanding around these solution and the value that they deliver to business. These sessions were augmented with the opportunity for attendees to talk face-to-face with HP subject matter experts, who were sharing their first-hand experiences on solution construction, deployment and business value. If you could not attend HP Discover (Americas or Europe) this is really an event you should consider attending if you are close to Australia or New Zeeland.


The day was kicked off with a plenary session hosted by Paul Muller, HP Technologist and Cloud Evangelist speaking about the "six degrees of separation” – Essentially the world is getting smaller and smaller and due to the vast amounts of new data being shared results with everyone starting to know just a little more of everyone else – it’s kind of scary, but it’s very true. David Caspari HP South Pacific's Managing Director followed Paul and provided his thoughts about the IT industry, its position within organizations, and where he sees business heading in the future. This was followed by an interesting onstage interview with Tom Quinn CTO of News Limited's CTO. Tom shared his insights of how the news media has changed so rapidly in the past 5 - 10 years and the adjustment his company News Limited's has taken to keep up. For example, breaking news stories can now reach consumers in the form of a tweets that takes seconds to write and publish, compared to more traditional processes of hours to write an article in a printed newspaper.


But the best speaker was truly saved to the last with Tan Le of Emotiv Lifesciences showing ground breaking new technology where brain waves can now be read and interactive with by simply wearing an interactive headset of sensors. Check out James Vickery’s video that he shot during the event – just amazing!!


Aligned to the Tech@Work event, we had invited 7 industry bloggers to spend the day with us participating in both the general sessions as well as two breakout coffee talk session focused on HP Converged Cloud. Cloud is a pervasive topic in the enterprise and we wanted to give the industry bloggers the opportunity a deeper insight on HP’s cloud portfolio and where HP sees cloud moving to, be it Private, Managed, Public cloud or a combination of all 3 with ongoing integration with existing IT.


The attending bloggers were:


Mauricio Freitas         @freitasm

Christopher J Brown   @Chrisbrownie  @Autechris

Alastair Mark Cooke     @DemitasseNZ

Paul Spain                       @PaulSpain

James Warren Vickery        @Jamesvickery

Alessandro Cardoso          @Edvaldocardoso

Andy Pattinson        @APACloud


Unfortunately, at the last minute Andy Pattison had to decline due to family emergency. But because his name surfaced in much of the cloud discussions during the day, I felt like he was there in spirit and so wanted to include him on the list above. Here's a sampling of the blogger coverage to date which makes interesting reading:


HP Tech@Work - Mauricio Freitas          

3 Pre-Lunch take aways from Technology @ Work #hptaw13 - James Vickery  

HP Technology at Work, A Diary - Chris Brown 


We had the opportunity to meet with many of these industry bloggers mid April of last year, during the announcement of the new HP Converged Cloud strategy. Much of what was discussed last year continued to be brought up again for debate (availability, security, performance, compliance and cost). Conversation is king during these sessions as it allows for everyone to share observations and provide first hand insights of their own experiences. During the course of the two sessions I got the opportunity of stepping back and just listening to the conversation that made me realized how far the Cloud industry has come within the past year. We are still talking availability, security, performance etc, but at a completely different level to the discussions of 2012.


That being said, clearly the reality is that although much has happened within the year, the transition to cloud is still not going to happen overnight.  It’s still very much a journey businesses are embarking upon. The Technology at Work roadshow talked about that cloud journey, along with all the other HP solutions, clearly showing how everyone can take advantage of these advancements and new opportunities these solutions bring to business.


I am now back in Houston, but with a body clock that is still way out of sorts with what the real time is. It truly was “A long day’s night” – both going down and coming back, but a trip I thoroughly enjoyed both on a professional and personal level. It will be interesting, if given the opportunity, to go back in another year and monitor continued progress. Maybe wishful thinking though. ;-)




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