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Amulet Hotkey brings users to the data with private cloud


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Data latency and performance at the endpoint are enormous issues for customers of integrated technology provider Amulet Hotkey. In fact, they have been the primary concerns for the last 15 years of the UK company’s 25-year run.

These customers—medium- to large-sized corporations in industries such as financial services, military, government, security, manufacturing, aerospace, and media and entertainment—require instantaneous CPU, GPU, memory, and storage response for their power users and designers.

Remote desktops were once delivered over standard structured cable or, more recently, IP networks, though they weren’t optimized for end-user performance. Now—thanks to private cloud, virtual desktop infrastructure, and other technologies—Amulet Hotkey is able to deliver best-in-class remote desktops almost anywhere.

The company built its latest solution, Nuvola, on HPE Helion products, leveraging private cloud to deliver the remote desktops to the data centers. The solution improves end-user performance and delivers significant benefits back to IT, including centralized support in the data center, high availability, data integrity and security, and reduced total cost of ownership.

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The necessity of a top-notch platform

Nuvola brings a range of cloud-based appliances to bear on the challenge of providing high-performing desktops in distributed, data-intensive environments. In a manufacturing firm, for example, pulling the data together traditionally would be a huge burden if a group built an engine in one location while another group worked on the gearbox somewhere else.

In the past, Hilliard says, companies were “packaging up large data sets of information and pushing those out across the network.” Or, worse, they had to bundle data, put it on hard-coded media, then email it to end users.

With Nuvola, the data never actually leaves the data center, allowing far-flung teams to collaborate easily on the same applications and the same data sets.

The solution is backed by HPE ProLiant DL380 servers, with the objective to standardize on a single piece of hardware within the data center.

“We chose to work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise because the technology is second to none,” Hilliard says. “The HPE ProLiant DL380 was the obvious choice.”

Hilliard points to the power and expandability as a key reason why: “We can fit a lot of our technology inside. For example, Amulet’s solution can host six high-end CAD/CAM workstations on a 2U platform, or 126 users in a standard 42U rack. That’s 300% greater than any of our competition.”

See more on how Amulet Hotkey is improving performance for customers with private cloud:



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