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Announcing: Make enterprise cloud apps more portable by standardizing on containers


Guest Post: Manav Mishra, Sr. Director, Product Management 


HP Helion Development Platform 1.3 empowers IT professionals & developers to deploy their own Docker containers to streamline dev/test and to easily move an app between clouds


For anyone in software development or IT operations, the “it worked fine on my laptop” is not just an internet meme - it highlights the big and painful gap that exists in taking an application developed on a local machine through testing and the to a production environment. Ensuring that all the configurations, libraries, dependencies are accounted for as the application moves from one environment to the next can mean the difference between fast deployments and months spent in agony.


Streamline the movement of apps from dev to test, and to production by standardizing on containers

Containers enable the packaging of an application, with all of its configurations, libraries, system tools and service dependencies, into a standardized unit that can be used for software deployment. HP Helion Development Platform (HDP) has always used Docker containers behind the scenes to deploy customer applications - and today, we are excited to announce that developers and IT operators can bring their own containers to our Platform as a Service offering. If you are using Docker containers today for development of testing purposes or plan on doing so in the future, this release helps you leverage that work and easily deploy applications through HDP as well as quickly move them from one environment to the next.


Containers are positioned to become the standard for application execution environments, especially in the hybrid clouds many enterprise customers are building today. Our Helion Development Platform (HDP) 1.3 release enables customers to efficiently develop, manage and scale cloud apps from private to public or hosted infrastructures.  Architecting cloud applications with Docker containers helps customers accelerate this journey. We are continuing to build HDP as an enterprise-ready platform for cloud-native innovation, true to its in open source Cloud Foundry roots, and ready to support secure, customizable containers for our customers”, says Bill Hilf, HP Helion SVP.


Great flexibility & more control with containers that conform to specific IT requirements

HP Helion Development Platform has leveraged Docker containers to deploy applications since launch.  Our customers have repeatedly asked for greater flexibility and control over the applications that get deployed into their environments. With HP Helion Development Platform 1.3, IT operations can control how the container images are built, which developers in their organization have access to deploying Docker apps, and where that app deployment is allowed to initiate from (for example, a public or a private Docker registry). Because of this standardization on containers, and the level of control it offers IT teams, app deployments are more reliable, secure, portable, and happen faster than in typical workflows.


Today, with the Helion Development Platform 1.3 release, the Helion team is helping enterprise customers standardize on containers and easily move applications across public, private, and managed clouds - even across the various other vendors who support Docker.


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Watch this new video: What's new in HDP 1.3...


Senior Manager, Cloud Online Marketing
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I manage the HPE Helion social media and website teams promoting the enterprise cloud solutions at HPE for hybrid, public, and private clouds. I was previously at Dell promoting their Cloud solutions and was the open source community manager for OpenStack and at Rackspace and Citrix Systems. While at Citrix Systems, I founded the Citrix Developer Network, developed global alliance and licensing programs, and even once added audio to the DOS ICA client with assembler. Follow me at @SpectorID

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