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Are you interested in deploying OpenStack-based KVM in a HP CloudSystem environment?


Earlier today, HP announced the technical preview of HP CloudSystem support for OpenStack-based Red Hat KVM resource pools. What does this mean and why is it important?


Some of our existing customers focus primarily use a single hypervisor today. This hypervisor is often a full feature virtualization platform that provides a robust infrastructure that works well for traditional enterprise applications. However, many, if not most, of those customers are already deploying or considering moving to a multi-hypervisor model.


In addition, there is a new class of well-written, distributed applications such as Hadoop, particularly in the area of big data. These environments use applications that take care of high availability, redundancy, response times, and performance management, among other things, in the application rather than requiring that the infrastructure provide it. These applications don't require as robust of a virtualization layer.


This is where OpenStack and KVM have a great fit. If you aren't familiar with OpenStack, think of it as the Linux of the cloud. It is open source, so the economics are different, especially for larger scale deployments. It is supported by many organizations, both vendors and end users. Since it is open source, it also provides portability between vendors, which reduces the business risk of choosing a specific vendor. These are just some of the reasons that HP believes that OpenStack is a valuable choice for many customers. HP is investing in OpenStack, including running HP Cloud Services using OpenStack, 2 OpenStack board members, the second largest number of contributors and the fourth largest number of lines of code contributed to the latest OpenStack Folsom release.


CloudSystem Matrix has supported complete service deployments - servers, storage, and network connections - in heterogeneous environments for years. It supports provisioning physical servers as well as VMwareHyper-V , and HP Integrity Virtual Machines. This technical preview adds the ability to deploy Red Hat at KVM virtual machines through the OpenStack APIs. It means that customers can deploy robust virtualization environments such as VMware and Hyper-V as well as light-weight OpenStack KVM environments through the same tool - and even as part of the same service if necessary. It also means that customers can now use OpenStack to deploy both private and public clouds through HP.


This is another step towards HP's vision of a consistent converged cloud stack across the different environments. For more information, you can visit the demo in the Cloud Zone at HP Discover or read the HP CloudSystem Matrix and OpenStack white paper at If you are interested in testing the CloudSystem Matrix OpenStack KVM technical preview, please contact your HP server sales representative. General availability is planned for the first calendar quarter of 2013.


Jacob Van Ewyk

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I am part of the CloudSystem Matrix product management team at HP. I focus on our partnering strategy with other HP software products.

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