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Beijing Hisign uses HPE Helion to achieve shorter application testing times on a cloud platform




Like many of China’s infrastructure projects, huge resources are being thrown at its development of electronic government (e-gov). Despite the investment, change cannot happen overnight. For the scores of China’s public sector agencies, migration to the cloud, including public security information applications, requires stringent compliance. As an enterprise dedicated to multi-biometrics identification technology and public security information construction and application, Beijing Hisign Technology faces particular challenges as it moves applications to cloud. Its compatibility testing alone involves a large number of test platforms. 

The organization turned to the HPE Helion consulting team to conduct an in-depth discovery of its cloud strategy. This review highlighted the importance of thorough testing and application environment coordination before completing any migration to cloud.


Gradual and smooth transition to cloud computing

Beijing Hisign first decided to implement HPE Helion CloudSystem within its Testing Department and Big Data Application Department. This would pave the way for migration of the Application Development Department.

HPE Helion CloudSystem is extremely flexible, enabling Beijing Hisign to achieve a customized deployment. It is able to effectively support multiple storage, computing, network, and cloud service suppliers to satisfy various demands of the business while also making full use of the ample components of OpenStack® to support cloud application development.

Beijing Hisign's cloud computing journey could be said to epitomize that of many enterprises currently. For these enterprises, cloud computing is the definite direction of future IT development, but at the same time, cloud computing transitioning costs as well as restrictions from existing commercial environments make progress difficult.

The HPE Helion CloudSystem provides a low-cost, highly efficient, and flexible cloud computing transitioning solution that can quickly establish a series of complete cloud computing infrastructure, improving current IT investment utilization efficiency, and reducing costs associated with handover and management of existing workloads. There is also no need to interrupt the continuity of critical IT operations.


Efficiency gains of 30%

After deploying HPE Helion CloudSystem, Beijing Hisign's testing personnel were able to access large quantities of computing resources on the efficient, flexible, recoverable, and secure cloud platform. Data showed that the application testing times could be shortened from several weeks to as little as several hours. Beijing Hisign expects test efficiency to improve by 30% and app testing costs to fall by 20%.

The current cloud platform is only one step along the path of Beijing Hisign's cloud computing journey. After the rapid progression of its public security information applications toward cloud, Beijing Hisign is likely to migrate its application development environment as a whole onto cloud.

"Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a leading cloud solutions provider, and has achieved optimal configuration with OpenStack,” says Wang Di, Internal Project Manager, Beijing Hisign. “Choosing HPE Helion CloudSystem will not only help us further optimize OpenStack resources, but also enable a seamless migration from traditional applications to a cloud environment, and to develop and deploy native cloud applications.”



HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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