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Black Hat 2015 and Multi-Cloud Security. The time is coming.





One of the most interesting conferences of the summer is Black Hat 2015, kicking off this week in Vegas. Today’s best conferences are community-led, often vendor-supported in the background, and Black Hat represents the best example. The briefings and training are still hard-core. It is an event that I’d like to see leaders like HP take a stronger, more active role in the future, without compromising authentic content.


The cyber-security headlines of the last few months underscore the importance of this conference. PW Singer’s Ghost Fleet, which is newly-released and fiction, showcases the world’s larger potential cyber challenges, in a world war three prediction. From nation-state malware research, to open-source hardware vulnerabilities, and targeted takedowns, Black Hat is a technically rich and important conference.


Security, like availability, is a critical proposition required in successful Cloud Computing. With over 75% of CIO’s expecting to deploy hybrid clouds by 2017, the security challenge will multiply fast. While Black Hat this year focuses heavily on vulnerabilities in desktop tools and operating systems, one can see a higher stack focus on inventory and management of virtual assets that often span multiple clouds, and are heavily focused data relationships and processes. One that heavily focuses on security policy at the application and data level and has a context awareness around compliance.


For this reason, one of our HP Helion Ready partners, CatBird, caught my eye after certifying on HP Helion OpenStack. When you can put a security policy wrapper around processes that span multiple clouds, that must be critical to ensuring compliance, whether PCI in retail or HIPAA in health care. One of our largest retail customers recently discussed the move to DevOps, driving massive speed in new virtualized processes, and an equally massive challenge managing integrity to ensure compliance end-to-end. I heard the same from one of the largest Japanese financial services firms during HP World Tour Tokyo. From a regional perspective, we see the same focus in the Cloud 28+ initiative, which is a cumulative effort of 82 partners to address country-specific data regulation concerns across the EU.


Community-led events, such as Black Hat, are critical to global security and unified progress. I am excited to watch the progress of Black Hat as it is destined to discuss regional and industry data-specific and B2B multi-enterprise challenges which require application context and security policies that span multiple clouds. In traditional IT hacking, a goal is to go undetected. Multiply an IT environment across multiple clouds, and the goal is the same, but the challenge is exponential.


For now, let’s go deep at today’s Black Hat 2015. We can think multi-cloud next year.






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