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Bloomberg Lays out Case for Private Cloud at OpenStack East


Bloomberg Lays out Case for Private Cloud at OpenStack East

In the Sony PlayStation Theater, amid the flashing lights of Times Square, OpenStack East debuted last week with a distinctly New York City flair and a vibe of continuous innovation.

The world’s largest retailer by revenue, Walmart, reiterated its open source contributions and commitments to support OpenStack - highlighting its OneOps cloud management platform, which handles over 100,000 monthly auto repairs. Comcast, the world’s largest service provider, also proved OpenStack’s incredible scalability and extensibility.

But it was Bloomberg that I thought made the case for how best to serve its 4,700 engineers who crave the freedom to innovate fast and require a radically flexible operational model. Media providers are no strangers to the need for cloud platforms to support their fast-paced, increasingly digital demands. We have long showcased 20th Century Fox’s media PaaS platform transformation, built on HPE Helion.

Jacob Rosenberg, head of infrastructure engineering at Bloomberg, laid out the case for private cloud for a company that depends on technology for their business and whose customers depend on real-time data and insights non-stop.

Jacob detailed the Bloomberg Clustered Private Cloud (BCPC), originally conceived in 2013 during the OpenStack Folsom era.

Specifically, Jacob laid out the core case for private cloud based on their requirements:

  • Proximity to Bloomberg data
  • Security and compliance obligations
  • Ability to tailor capabilities to our market
  • Unique network design and protocols

That’s right, latency…ultra-latency…measured in microseconds… matters. Strong security. Flexible operational models. These all matter to companies that realize that technology is business strategy. Of course, Jacob noted that moving to a fully cloud aware platform is not easy. Embracing ephemerality – building monitoring and management tools with a disregard for data - remain steep challenges. Check out Tech at Bloomberg, and you’ll see their amazing commitment to innovations across open source, mobility, programming, and hardware.

Over the next two years, nearly 75 percent of all workloads will be destined for private clouds. Every company needs their Right Mix of private and public clouds. At OpenStack East, HPE’s Mark Interrante detailed how all workloads are in play, calling out cloud native, high performance computing and NFV. And to add another private cloud success, he announced that HPE runs 17,000 VMs across 8,000 cores and stores 5PB on HPE Helion. Not too shabby for OpenStack these days.


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