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Born Through Change: New Service Provider Opportunity


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Post by Chuck Adams, AMS Director, Partner Ready Service Provider Program

We have been taught “when one door closes, another one opens” and “when opportunity knocks, answer the door”. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is shifting away from its public cloud offering and focusing on a hybrid cloud strategy for a multi-cloud world. While a door is closing, new opportunities are knocking.

451 Research shows that customers are and will continue to move toward cloud services. A recent spot light states:

“According to 451 Market Monitor, the cloud computing 'as a service' market will grow to $38bn in 2019. The new cloud computing report covers 373 competing cloud vendors and reflects an update on market vendor landscape and revenue estimates through CY Q3 2015.”

Some customers may be considering a move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other similar solutions. However, recent crashes in both 2013 and 2015 at companies such as Netflix has raised concerns of AWS reliability. A recent article in Tech Times discussed these recent outages.

“Instead of building their own data infrastructures, countless important online marketers place their trust on the cloud services offered by Amazon to lessen their long-term investments in the volatile e-commerce industry.
The practical move, however, makes these ventures vulnerable to external situations outside of their control, as is the case when AWS, including CloudWatch, Cognito and DynamoBB, crashed. Cloudwatch is a monitoring system for your apps that run on the [AWS] platform, Cognito is a service that saves mobile data, and DynamoDB is the company's NoSQL database.
The outage of the three important [AWS] applications interrupted the online dating conversations of Tinder users who were planning their dates. Netflix watchers also had to cancel their movie.”

For customers that need “enterprise class” resiliency, combined with the agility of the cloud and more than what is offered by AWS alone - you, as leading service providers, are the answer. And the HPE Partner Ready Service Provider program is ready to help with the right tools and the right focus.

For example, HPE Helion Eucalyptus is an open solution for building private and hybrid clouds compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs. It can dynamically scale up or down depending on application workloads and is well-suited for enterprise clouds. With HPE Helion Eucalyptus, organizations can deliver a public cloud experience using private IT resources to achieve better economics, stronger data governance, and faster application performance.

We are putting customers in the right hands—key service providers that have the enterprise knowledge, certifications and powered by trusted Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Provider Ready solutions. Take Zayo, a leading service provider based in Colorado, as a good example. The HPE field account team and the Zayo sales teams leveraged their internal contacts to engage with Canoe Ventures, a national advertising technology company that provides software and services to national television programming. Canoe Ventures needed to go from processing two billion decisions a year to 25 billion decisions a year. Zayo delivered an Infrastructure as a Service solution, powered by HPE, to win the business. See how they did it.

So remember, when circumstances change - new possibilities are presented and our service providers have an open door before them. So as opportunity knocks, let’s open the door – together.

Learn more about the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partner Ready Service Provider program at the Partner Ready Program Hub.



1 December 21, 2015 451 Research spotlight. “Cloud computing 'as a service' marketplace forecast to grow 3x through 2019”

2 September 23, 2015, Tech Times. “Amazon Web Services Suffers Crash, Takes Down Netflix, Reddit, Tinder And Other Huge Parts Of The Internet

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