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Building a Winning Cloud Service Launch Platform


Written by: Richard Arthur


In previous blogs I discussed factors in market segmentation and feedback from a recent summit concerning public cloud services being launched today. Those can be found here.   In this blog I assume you have some idea of which services you want to launch, now is time to think about your platform for launch. 


Many service providers have tools and portals in place for customer services that they will want to reuse.  However do not underestimate the flexibility requirements of a cloud services platform.   As we have seen time and time again in the Internet – knowing which services you want to launch today does not mean you know which ones you will need to launch (and retire!) in six months.   Flexibility at all levels in a Cloud services platform is critical.    Further, consistency for the end-customer will be critical.   End-customers will view you as a “one-stop shop” for cloud services and they need to have them presented that way.


Finally, an “all-in-one” cloud services platform will reduce risk and investment for each service being launched. 


Define or identify the roles in your organization that will be responsible, accountable, consulted, informed (RACI) for each part of the cloud services platform.


In particular factors to be considered:


Offer Management: Being a Cloud Service Broker

  • Who defines the services to be launch and builds the service catalog?
  • Do resellers and distributers need to be considered?
  • What kind of billing options will be used and how will these be implemented?
  • How will new services be added to the catalog; who handles the technical and who handles the commercial aspects?
  • Do you expect to offer a new portal or integrate into existing portals?

Automation and Orchestration

  • Who will define and implement the orchestration and automation capabilities needed, how is change managed?
  • What kind of hosting model will be used for SaaS and PaaS services – where will they physically reside?
  • For IaaS – what hypervisors and hardware is being used?
  • How will orchestration and automation be handled across IT and Network infrastructure?

Assurance, Security and SLAs

  • How will you know who (which end-customer) is impacted when things go wrong; who owns the problems, finding root cause, and their repair?
  • What kind of SLA’s will you offer, who is responsible for them, and how will you manage them?
  • How will new services be assured against security threats and tested for compliance?

 By addressing these questions in your choice or discussion of a cloud services launch platform, you will be better placed to select and build something ready for the future.


In our experience Service providers will benefit from choice and consistency in their platform.   They also need to be able to have confidence in the services they are launching with regards to assurance and security.   We’ve defined these factors, and aim to meet them in our offer, as below:


Choice: through an open, standards-based (where possible) approach supporting selection of service partners, multiple hypervisors, operating systems, development environments, heterogeneous infrastructure, and an extensible partner ecosystem


Confidence: through a management and security offering that spans information, applications and infrastructure for Cloud Services


Consistency: through a single common architecture for all services, a single service offer onboarding and packaging portal for Line of Business owners in the Service Provider, and one simple consumption experience for end-customers.


As a conclusion, I would like to call your attention to the new Service Provider capabilities we launched as part of our Converged Cloud launch.  To help service providers accelerate and enhance their Cloud Services launch we have beefed up our CloudSystem Service Provider portfolio with enhancements across the layers described above including:  Cloud Service Broker, Automation/Orchestration, and Assurance.


Specifically our Cloud Service Broker Enhancements, building on our HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS (AP4SaaS):  

  • Enable SPs to bring innovative new IaaS offers to market, with greater end-customer control over their virtual compute environment
  • New “Business Applications as a service” SaaS services pre-integrated with CloudSystem Service Provider addressing ERP, CRM, web hosting, and more
  • Service Adaptor Factory to help Service providers bring to market their own preferred new services more quickly and cost effectively

 Assurance Enhancements:

  • We have enhanced our joint solution with Alcatel-Lucent which provides quality assurance across network and IT

Automation and Orchestration enhancements

  • HP has delivered major new features permitting in particular more choice of vendors and infrastructure types with HP Cloud Service Automation solution (CSA) 3.0  and HP Matrix Operating Environment 7.1 


- Richard


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