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CIS Group helps African enterprises deploy forward-looking, affordable cloud solutions via HP Helion


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Moving Africa forward and upward into the cloud

 Providing IT infrastructures for information and communications technology businesses as well as maintenance and related services in Africa, as CIS Group has done for more than thirty years, is a challenge unlike any in the world. "There is a lack of infrastructure, a lack of stability for networks, and a lack of political stability," says Antoine Kareh, General Manager of CIS Group. "There is basically no IT capability, especially on the human resources side."

 Economic constraints are also a widespread concern for CIS Group. Money doesn't exactly flow freely through the continent and jobs are historically scarce.


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But that creates a number of lucrative opportunities. "In Africa, people are very keen to advance themselves and to work in technology," Antoine Kareh says. "On top of the usual benefits of the cloud infrastructure for our customers—like a decrease in the total cost of ownership and quicker deployment—is that it helps you accomplish what you need to accomplish with fewer resources. This is very big for African customers, which pushes them to adopt technological breakthroughs more quickly."


The HP Helion advantages: low TCO, easy deployment, greater productivity

 Antoine Kareh realized early that CIS Group needed to get into the cloud business, and going with HP was a natural fit because the two enterprises been partners for more than three decades. "Infrastructure providers in Africa today absolutely must do this or they'll be out of the picture very soon," Antoine Kareh says. He points to a couple of recent examples in which his company moved two enterprises into the cloud. "One is an industrial customer in North Africa, and the other is a banking customer in Sub-Saharan Africa," he says.

 CIS Group transitioned both of them via the HP Helion OpenStack and the HP Helion cloud system architecture. "They were very quick deployments. They also provided a very low TCO because it answered their licensing needs," Antoine Kareh says. "Both companies quickly experienced a very steep increase in productivity, especially at remote outposts of their operations."

 A third customer, in the food processing industry, deployed a similar solution. "For them, the benefits were complete interoperability with SAP and virtualization of the entire infrastructure, networking, servers, and storage," Antoine Kareh says.

 And so, in a nutshell, CIS Group has managed to provide cloud services to an economically challenged populace while also providing the industry with numerous job opportunities.

 More opportunities lie ahead for CIS Group thanks to HP Helion

 The CIS Group had an easy time convincing its customers that HP Helion was the best way to go. "First of all, their infrastructure costs decreased by 30 percent. But a very big selling point for HP Helion is that HP has a very strong partner ecosystem here, so it's that much easier to deploy system with their support," he says. "On top of that, it's an open system based on HP OpenStack, which allows interoperability with other technologies such as Microsoft and VMware. The next step for them will be to go into a hybrid situation where they can offer these same services to their customers. Our customer stickiness is very high because of HP Helion."

 Moving forward, Antoine Kareh sees HP Helion being advantageous in Africa's health industry. "Having a cloud system that you can tap into to get your diagnostics, to get your exams, or to look at X-rays is very valuable to hospitals," he says. "Plus, they will be able to connect with many more doctors than what they have been able to do without a cloud."

HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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