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Changing reality one person at a time with 60 + EarthHour & HP Cloud


Earth Hour is a global movement designed to celebrate a commitment to the planet by switching off non-essential lights for one designated hour and challenges the world to continue to share the opportunities and challenges of cultivating a sustainable world.   60 + EarthHour is on March 29, 2014 between 8:30pm-9:30pm local time wherever you are.


I am excited about EarthHour this year because of the global reach is inspiring people all over the world to think about and do something that saves our environment.  EarthHour has an “I Will if You Will” challenge that encourages people to do something for the world while allowing you to make a pledge to offer something in return.  I am challenging you to donate your gently used clothing, shoes and books to any local organization like a family or military service who can utilize and reuse them within the community.  In return, I plan to not leave lights on in rooms we are not using.  On EarthHour day, I plan to carpool to work and begin bringing my own reusable bags to the grocery store. My family and I also plan to participate in CHUNK your TRUNK on April 26, 2014 in Frisco, Texas.


Green up your work life


The changes of EarthHour are not limited to your personal life. As corporate leaders and startups, we can apply our thought leadership on changing the world in multiple ways. In HP’s Seattle HP Cloud office, the employees show a commitment to recycling by sharing the power behind sorting food waste, recyclable and garbage. They do a great job! This responsibility is shown in all HP offices.


HP Social Innovation practices consistent support and hands-on giving in global communities.   You can do it too!


As enterprise leaders and or startups, you all can make a difference. I encourage you to research local activities you can support to help make our world a better place in your community.  Professionally, I encourage you to research and make a goal to talk to someone from HP (click on the contact us button at the top) to learn about products or solutions that you can explore to benefit your business and  the environment. 


HP’s commitment to making a difference


HP is committed to helping your organization make a difference in consumption levels.   HP Cloud and products like HP Moonshot for your data centers and HP Eco Solutions for your business day to day are ways to begin investing in a greener planet while protecting the environment. Are you ready to make a difference?  Let’s do it!


Stay tuned with the countdown to #Earthhour and “Forward Thinking” with me @OrtegaPittman


Ortega Pittman
HP Worldwide Marketing
Accelerating Innovation &Thought Leadership with HP Helion
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Ortega has been working for HP for 7 years across their Global Marketing organization. "Tega" is an HP Cloud Senior Marketing leader accelerating messaging around HP Cloud Solutions. Her professional passions range from but are not limited to: globalized messaging on cloud solutions, learning from, interacting with, & influencing enterprise executives in their IT & business model investment strategies. Tega enjoys sharing her social media voice, global network experience, and innovative thoughts. In addition, she keeps her followers connected on world events, industry trends, & global demands that impact the need for technology solutions. Her professional passion stems in outreach to decision makers from startups to enterprise who want to change the world. Tega offers inspiration to her followers that they embrace becoming or comtinue to expand as "forward thinkers". Let's do this! Your enterprise is counting on you.

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