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Cloud Trends: Making Hybrid Simple




We recently sat down with MyLoc, a local, carrier-neutral Data Center and Managed Hosting Provider in Düsseldorf since 1999. We discussed Cloud services and the evolution of customer demands.


What are your customers telling you they want and need now?


Self-services! Our customers want to log into a portal and choose what they need at that moment. They want that selection delivered automatically, and in seconds. From provisioning to billing, everything has to be completely automatic. We handle 50,000 servers hosted for more than 20,000 customers today and we want to handle a lot more in the future. But it’s only scalable if it’s completely automatic, and it has to be a complete self-service product for the customer.


Where’s the opportunity for service providers offering cloud solutions now?


Many of our enterprise customers are moving to hybrid cloud. We have a solution that allows our customers to build their own hybrid cloud with our portal.


Why are enterprises moving to hybrid cloud?


One word: flexibility. Customers want to keep some types of data secure and private. They can safely put other types of data in the public cloud. They want to scale up and scale down based on their needs at the time. Our point of view is to offer all of this with one portal, one invoice. It’s our technical solution, based on HP Helion OpenStack.



Why OpenStack?


OpenStack is the future standard for everything that happens in the cloud. If you want to add additional services in a short time, OpenStack is a perfect solution because the APIs are fixed, and everybody is able to connect to solutions on an OpenStack-based solution.  This is the reason we decided that our public cloud solution has to be based on OpenStack standards.


How did you select Hewlett Packard Enterprise as your partner?


We invested quite a lot of time looking at both the OpenStack foundation versions and HP Helion OpenStack, and we decided to go for HP Helion OpenStack.


What were the factors that led to your decision?


First, deployment is easy with HPE Helion OpenStack. It comes out of the box.  You install it and it runs. Second, we are reducing the risks we have because we can rely on the HPE Helion distribution and we know that it's safe and a well-developed system. The third reason is that HPE Helion OpenStack is offering us a roadmap to support our future OpenStack-based cloud offerings.


Learn more about hybrid cloud and HP Helion here.


Please stay tuned for an upcoming case study and video!

HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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