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Cloud management redefined: how to achieve automated application delivery


by Manoj Raisinghani, Senior Director, HP Software Product Marketing


Today marks the dawn of a new era for Cloud Management.


We are excited to unveil a new set of Automation, Orchestration and Cloud Management solutions, designed to attain new levels of efficiency, agility and scale within the data center, in application delivery, and in building and operating cloud services. Specifically, we are announcing the new:


To complement each solution, we are also introducing rapid deployment services that will help clients simplify implementation and get started quickly—in some cases we’ve already seen organizations save more than 200 staff hours.


These solutions represent a significant leap forward for IT and the business. With seamless integration between the products and out-of-box support for heterogeneous environments, these solutions enable IT to automate routine, repetitive tasks and operations—right up to and including the end-to-end delivery of application services and also enable IT to build, orchestrate and broker cloud services for hybrid delivery.


But this announcement is about much more than new features and functionality—it’s about embracing a larger vision for the future of IT that will support the growing demands on enterprise.


IT needs to evolve, and quickly


As the pace of business accelerates, enterprises are quickly adopting new technologies and new business models to better serve customers, employees and partners. To succeed in their markets, businesses need to increase the agility and efficiency of IT on multiple fronts:

  • Deliver applications faster to market
  • Address operations issues whether in the data center or in the cloud services
  • Deliver the right experience at comparable cost


Mobility. Social. Big Data. Cloud services. The exponential growth of human and system generated data. It’s all having a profound impact on enterprise IT, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that manual processes like provisioning and managing services using scripts will simply not cut it in the face of increasing business demands and requirements for scale. Of course, these challenges are only made worse when a lack of standards and IT policies lead to too much infrastructure and too many application components, with different configurations and customizations, a large number of scripts and rampant proliferation of tools.


 Cloud mega image.png


The existing technology and processes are already not meeting the needs today, and they are doomed to fall short of what is expected in the near future.


Under these conditions, how will IT possibly keep pace with increasing demands from their lines of business and find ways to deliver applications consistently in highly competitive markets?


A new style of IT will emerge


HP believes that IT organizations will gradually shift toward a more user-centered approach by increasing their focus on what Geoffrey Moore calls Systems of Engagement—decentralized environments that encourage peer interactions, often using cloud-based technologies.


To make this possible, IT will have to enable lines of business to respond much faster to market needs and changes: faster application releases, faster response times on operations and faster service creation. But IT will also need to keep costs low leveraging existing IT investments as much as possible and maintain governance via standards to further reduce risks.


We believe that for enterprise IT, success is defined now and into the foreseeable future by its ability to:

  • Standardize and include the necessary governance models within its processes
  • Automate routine, repetitive tasks and operations
  • Orchestrate processes across the entire data center as well as orchestrate resources in third-party cloud services
  • Build self-service environments for quick access to infrastructure, platform and IT application services
  • Become a broker of IT services, delivering hybrid environments with a mix of their own services and externally sourced services
  • Maintain security, availability and compliance by measuring and correcting performance of IT applications as well as the underlying infrastructure


We are confident that the only way IT can attain these levels of service is through end-to-end automation—from infrastructure through platform, includes application deployment.


Cloud without automation is hallucination


Automation is an essential foundation for building, operating and managing the service lifecycle and delivering IT services and applications in traditional data centers or in private and hybrid cloud environments.


In our view, this goes far beyond just managing infrastructure, and that’s why this announcement is such an important leap for IT.


Our new portfolio of HP Data Center Automation, Orchestration and Cloud management software solutions enables IT efficiencies, agility and scale in two ways:

  • Automating end-to-end application delivery
  • Building, orchestrating, managing and brokering hybrid cloud services


The new offerings allow enterprises to embrace the new style of IT with a focus on ease of use, ease of deployment and ease of managing IT services.


This is just the beginning


In the coming weeks, we will share exciting new things that we continue to add to HP Cloud and Automation software portfolio.  Specifically, our focus is on how automation plays a significant role in databases and platform set up and efficient application delivery in heterogeneous environments.


We will share examples of how some customers are changing their IT to manage the accelerated release cycles and provide more ideas for how your IT organization can use the new offerings to increase agility, reduce complexity and manage scale in order to adapt to the changing requirements of the enterprises you support.


Want to learn more? Here’s how:


      ○       HP Server Automation

      ○       HP Operations Orchestration

      ○       HP Database and Middleware Automation

      ○       HP Cloud Service Automation


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