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Common cloud management across private, public and hybrid clouds: Can this be a reality?


One of the great benefits of industry standards is that when you purchase something, you don't have to worry about whether it's going to work with what you already have. Take the VHS standard as an example. You knew that if your VCR blew up, you could buy a new one and all your VHS tapes would still be able to play in your new machine. Think about other items in your household—you can buy a new mattress from any manufacturer and it would still fit in your bedframe; a new memory card would still work in your camera; and a new wireless access point would still support your wireless devices. This is interoperability and portability in action. 


Why is it that we don't see the same level of interoperability or portability in cloud computing?


Today, it's a headache to move applications between clouds. Say you want to move your apps from a public cloud to a private cloud, or vice-versa—where do you start? Well, it's a question you should have asked yourself when you were evaluating cloud platforms. Did you ask your cloud provider if it supports the open source OpenStack™ project for interoperability? Did you write your apps to other cloud providers’ application programming interfaces (APIs)? What are the options if your cloud provider uses a proprietary infrastructure?


A mish-mash of clouds


As the cloud train gathers steam it's likely that enterprises will end up with multiple cloud environments. You could have non-business critical applications sitting in public clouds, business-critical applications on private clouds, and other applications in hybrid clouds. You could be managing applications or services you built yourself, while at the same time running third-party applications like You would need a mish-mash of cloud management platforms and cloud security policies to manage all these different environments.


At HP, we believe you should be able to deploy, manage and secure all of your different cloud environments within a common architecture. It shouldn't matter whether your applications are on a public, private or hybrid cloud—you should have the flexibility so that in the future you can move your applications between these different platforms easily. And you should be able to manage all your cloud environments using a single framework. This is the HP Converged Cloud vision.


HP Converged Cloud provides a common architecture for cloud computing

HP Converged Cloud will be underpinned by a common architecture built on proven, industry-leading HP Converged Infrastructure, which combines servers, storage and networking, and is supported by industry-leading PCs and thin clients. This architecture is managed by HP Converged Management and Security software, which integrates automation, management and security. HP Converged Cloud combines with enterprise-class, hardened open source technology, including OpenStackTM technology, to deliver an enterprise-class IT service delivery capability with the flexibility and choice that customers demand.

Using a common architecture for delivery, management and security, enterprises will be able to move applications between any of these cloud solutions, quickly and easily. And because we fully support open standards, you'll be able to move applications from HP clouds to third-party clouds that also support open standards.


A common framework for all cloud use cases


HP Converged Management and Security provides a framework for a cloud operating system that will support enterprise use cases for development, deployment, management and security across the application and service lifecycle across multiple cloud environments.


I invite you to read more about delivering the right cloud services, from the right place at the right time, in the HP white paper, “Finding the Right Cloud Solutions for Your Organization.”


HP is committed to providing customers with choice, confidence and consistency in their cloud journey, regardless of the delivery models. Can you say the same of other vendors?


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