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Configuring an Active-Active cluster for HP Operations Orchestration centrals


Written by Nir Gur Arie, HPSW (QA)


T-data-ctr-security-svcs__226x160--C-tcm245-1098329-CT-tcm245-1237012-32.jpgWhen you deploy an enterprise grade orchestration solution, you want to make sure it is always on. Especially if it is an enabler of IT services—downtime within IT process automation is never an option. This is why I want to share with you, my experience of installing Operations Orchestration in cluster mode.


For this exercise, I installed two central nodes in cluster mode, made possible because of the central architecture that enables several nodes to work with the same database. In order to balance the traffic I used Apache httpd, and also configured it to spread the traffic between the nodes. Doing this has allowed me to obtain better performance. Once I completed that step, I started with the workers installation. I installed two workers on our data center such that the workers will also be highly available. (Note : For the central URL, I used the LB URL.)


The worker and the central nodes configuration is set to active\active, meaning that all nodes are active. This configuration gives better performance when working with many users. In case of node failure, the system keeps working in a seamless way—so much so that end users are not aware to the problem. Now my centrals are redundant and I’ve got excellent performance. In case you want to setup a similar configuration, a detailed tutorial is available here: Click here


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