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Congratulations to the Women of OpenStack® Scholarship Recipients


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is pleased to announce the four recipients of the 2nd annual Women of OpenStack® Scholarship program. These candidates will receive a $10,000 scholarship, mentoring, and internship opportunities with senior HPE OpenStack developers and community members.

2015 Recipients  

anu2.jpgAnu Enchackal – California State University


"I am thrilled at the prospect of being a recipient of HPE's OpenStack scholarship for women. I am also looking forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities included under the program, and I am keen to give back to the OpenStack community.”




irish.jpgIrish Medina – University of Waterloo


“I am incredibly grateful to HPE for providing me with this amazing learning opportunity!”






melania.jpgMelania Galea – Babes-Bolyai University


“I am very thrilled to have received this award. Celebrations like these are inspiring, and a game changer. What separates us from one another are opportunities.”




terri.jpgTerri Yu – University of Massachusetts


“I truly believe in the mission of free open source software and am honored to be a recipient of the HPE Helion OpenStack Scholarship for women.”




We believe that by bringing in additional diversified voices, we will grow a stronger community, and in the end the community wins! The first wave of the program was successful not only because of the financial aspects of the scholarship, but more importantly, because of the mentorship element. Pairing each student one on one with strong technical and community-oriented open source role models made the difference between the students simply finishing their projects and actively engaging in the community, which provides unlimited future opportunities.


"This unique program highlights HPE's committment to diversifying the open source community, and we are thrilled to keep it going,"  said Mark Interrante, SVP Engineering, HPE Cloud. "Congratulations to these four outstanding candidates."


Stay tuned for a series of podcasts in the near future, highlighting the work in progress of these amazing women. You will learn more about their contributions and plans for open source software going foward.

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About the Author


Lisa-Marie Namphy is one of HPE Software’s thought leaders, developer advocates, and community organizers around OpenStack, open source, GitHub Enterprise, and cloud computing. Lisa is currently responsible for HPE Software's developer programs and is an OpenStack community architect, running the SFBay OpenStack user group meetups, and publishing content on OpenStack. Prior to that at HPE Lisa ran product marketing initiatives for HPE Cloud OS and HPE Cloud Service Automation. Throughout her 20+ year career in enterprise software, Lisa has led efforts to evangelize product lines, launch brand new technologies such as HPE CSA and HPE Helion OpenStack®, and generate partnerships and business in previously untapped areas. Prior to joining the HPE team in 2010, Lisa held senior product marketing roles at Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management, and Operational Intelligence companies including Oracle, Hyperion, Vitria, and Adaptive Planning.

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