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Connect with OpenStack to determine the future


Boise Meetup pic.PNGOpenStack is four years old and continues to grow at a very fast rate. OpenStack Meetups are the grass-roots, fastest, and most human way to transfer information from experts who work closely with the technology to the burgeoning base of developers. The OpenStack Meetup is casual. The speaker often presents a topic that he or she is working on in real time and welcomes inquiries of all types, not just from other experts.


The only ticket required to attend an OpenStack Meetup is curiosity and a willingness to learn. OpenStack is open source, everyone involved wants to share information, and the meetup is crucial face time with someone who can relate the granular details of the specific points of OpenStack technology. The speaker knows the ins and outs of, say, Neutron code troubleshooting and can tell you how to develop in a way that makes it more likely your code will be accepted upstream. Perhaps she can also recount issues she’s run into that are not officially documented in OpenStack and give you workarounds that help you make progress on your own project. You can share your experiences with the group as well.


If you’re an OpenStack newbie, email the OpenStack organizer in your area and ask to attend a meetup. No one knows everything about OpenStack, which is why the community welcomes those who are just getting started with the technology as well as more experienced developers. For OpenStack to thrive, it needs smart, dedicated professionals contributing to it. The better the contributions, the stronger OpenStack is as a foundation for the cloud. A true open source foundation benefits organizations from the largest enterprises to the single user. No one gets locked out of or into a specific implementation. Innovation is welcome.


Check out the OpenStack Meetup site for a gathering near you. You’ll meet people who are passionate about the technology who want to work with you – to learn from you as well as to teach you. It’s a nice, efficient, symbiotic relationship. They might even feed you. Can’t find a meetup near you? You can start one. From the meetup site above, create your location’s OpenStack Meetup and invite others – to a coffee shop, a pub, an office space. Just meeting with other interested people and sharing knowledge and contacts spurs the growth.

Get connected today!


Denise Walters works for HP Helion Marketing. She has worked in open source for fifteen years, the last two in OpenStack.

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