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Containers and OpenStack - A thought provoking exploration into the summer's hottest topic!


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When I was asked to deliver a keynote for OpenStack Days Seattle it didn’t take me more than 3 seconds to figure out what I wanted to talk about. The most interesting conversations this summer, whether at conferences, in offices, at meetups, in restaurants or bars have all been about the hottest technology trend this year: Containers. (Well, maybe at my local SF Bay Area bars they have been about the Giants’ playoff hopes, but other than that…) In and around the OpenStack Community it has been no different. Four of the last five SF Bay OpenStack meetups I’ve hosted have all been rooted around this topic and even at the one that wasn’t (which was about Networking), it was the very first question I was asked the minute I took the stage. So I knew I wanted to explore this area further on Friday, September 30, at OpenStack Days Seattle.

Containers are currently the darling of the DevOps world and a game changer for developers. But what does that really mean? It goes beyond just standardizing the operations model and into a more modern, dare I say cloud-native, application approach. Containers allow you to optimize your development experience by running full systems on your laptop as well as optimizing your delivery process with dependencies baked into images versus coordinating loose package dependencies to their appropriate hosts. But, however great containers are believed to be, no one is suggesting that we replace all VM-based workloads with containers quite yet.   Or are they?

So let’s talk about this. Why are containers so important to devs and how does the OpenStack community support these new container-based deployment requirements? Do you need OpenStack at all? (Or VMs, or bare metal for that matter? Is this the end of VMs as we know them?)  What are the benefits of containers on OpenStack or OpenStack on containers? Which workloads in general are more suited for container-based deployments? It is clear that containers require orchestration so which orchestration technology (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.) is best?  Is there a difference between application containers versus system containers and why should devs care? Will regulators ever be comfortable with the isolation support provided by containers (remember the earlier days of hypervisors)?

Tune in live on Friday for the answers to these any many more compelling questions! And for those of you attending in person, also don’t miss the workshop where Michael Schulz and Robert Starmer dive deeper into the technology and demo this in action!

Check back here in the near future for more blogs that explore (and even answer) all these questions. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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About the Author


Lisa-Marie Namphy is one of HPE Software’s thought leaders, developer advocates, and community organizers around OpenStack, open source, GitHub Enterprise, and cloud computing. Lisa is currently responsible for HPE Software's developer programs and is an OpenStack community architect, running the SFBay OpenStack user group meetups, and publishing content on OpenStack. Prior to that at HPE Lisa ran product marketing initiatives for HPE Cloud OS and HPE Cloud Service Automation. Throughout her 20+ year career in enterprise software, Lisa has led efforts to evangelize product lines, launch brand new technologies such as HPE CSA and HPE Helion OpenStack®, and generate partnerships and business in previously untapped areas. Prior to joining the HPE team in 2010, Lisa held senior product marketing roles at Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management, and Operational Intelligence companies including Oracle, Hyperion, Vitria, and Adaptive Planning.

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