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Converging Clouds over HP Discover, Las Vegas

Chris Purcell



A new style of IT is emerging.  Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way people live and work. And just like client/server did, the changes will significantly impact Information technology – people, processes and technology.

Enterprises have been steadily embracing private and managed cloud environments and are increasingly finding use cases for the public cloud. We are past the point of the cloud being limited to shadow IT and startups. We are now entering the next wave of innovation and adoption which will drive the migration of production workloads to a cloud model and will require seamless interoperability across traditional IT to private, managed and public clouds.

But where to start, there is so much hype!  How can you cut through all the noise to find the reality, to find the right Cloud solution to fit your unique business needs?  Register now for HP Discover to learn how your organization can leverage the advantages of cloud agility and faster-time-to-service.


Cloud sessions and demos

Attend a wide selection of cloud breakout sessions (both business and technical), which you will find everything from, Cloud learning’s from others that have gone before you, to the latest trends on the evolution of cloud architectures for real world hybrid delivery value. Wherever you are within your cloud journey we have valuable knowledge to share with you.


List of business sessions


A new track for IT: Transforming business with a hybrid cloud delivery strategy


Master the Cloud: practical approach to cloud - what do I build, what cloud services do I consume?


Master the Cloud: Technology is simple, people are complex: Understanding the organizational dynamics of cloud computing


Master the Cloud: Cloud, Big Data, Security, Mobility, and their impact on the future of IT - spotlighting Telecommunications as an industry example


Master the Cloud: Uncovering new Cloud opportunities


Master the Cloud: How one company harnessed the Cloud


Why partner ecosystems matter in the public cloud,


The realities of public cloud security


Why open matters


List of technical sessions


Master the Cloud: The evolution of cloud architectures for real world hybrid delivery value


Master the Cloud: Applying lessons from 1,000’s of hybrid cloud customers who have gone before you


Master the Cloud: Case studies in establishing a cloud service model best suited for your business


Test Drive the Public Cloud


List of demo theater sessions


Master the Cloud: Find your path on the journey to the cloud        


Master the Cloud: Launching the data center into the Converged Cloud


Master the Cloud: Test Drive the Public Cloud


Master the Cloud: HP CloudSystem and Cloud Maps - accelerating your path to Converged Cloud

Start to build out your cloud session Discover schedule here.



Got Cloud questions?




We have all the cloud answers for you. Stop by the Cloud Guru bar and get a fill up on all your cloud questions. This is a great opportunity to speak to HP senior technologist who are at the bleeding edge of cloud computing. We call them our HP Cloud Advisors, you can find them online, but there is nothing like being able to talk to them face-to-face. Make sure to bring your hardest questions and we will happy to answer all of them for you.


Converged Cloud - Making it matter

If you are out on the show floor don’t forget to stop by and check out the many Converged Cloud demos. Want to find out more about how to build and operating your cloud or manage and secure your hybrid cloud?…we have demos for that.  What about just consuming cloud services?…yes come and check out our Public and Managed cloud offerings, no building required. But if you are still at the beginning of your journey and looking to find out how to get started, don’t forget to stop by the Plan and implement your cloud area. Here you will find out about our world class Converged Cloud workshop and how you can get help on starting to char your course to the cloud.


Needing a Cloud kick start?

HP recognizes the significance of cloud for business and is committed to helping you on your cloud journey. Helping you reduce risk, improve your success and simplifying your cloud journey experience. Check out the Cloud Accelerator Pack, it’s filled with a wide range of items – everything from providing you a 90 day free trial to building a private cloud environment in just 1 day, to access free IaaS for your cloud test and development environment. The pack also comes with a Cloud Assessment Tool and a total cost of ownership tool to help you access your current environment. Last but not least, the pack includes some great offers from HP ExpertOne certification to enhance your staff's knowledge and expertise for Cloud. Remember this is an exclusive offer to all show attendees to help you on your cloud journey and a way for us of say thank you for attending HP Discover.

Follow the Discover Buzz…

Get the latest from leading bloggers and twitterati about what's going on with Discover. Our featured blog, HP Discover Insider, is a great source for updates about the resources available at Discover online year-round. Find out about upcoming events and everything related to Discover 2013. And if you are looking for a great Cloud Twitter account, be sure to follow me @HPCloudSystem


Why HP Cloud?

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, you will find that HP Discover delivers you a wide selection valuable knowledge and first-hand experience of everything you need for getting started, to accelerating your business further into the cloud. HP delivers customers the industry’s only hybrid cloud strategy and solution portfolio with CHOICE, CONFIDENCE and CONSISTENCY. Giving you the power of Choice of delivery models across private, managed, public and traditional IT. Providing you Confidence in the ability to manage and secure across delivery models and the scalability in your enterprise to drive business forward. And Consistency with providing a common architecture across delivery models, a single consumption experience and workload portability across delivery models.

But more than anything else, we realize that this is going to be a journey.  At Discover we will talk about your journey, and how you can take advantage of these cloud opportunities. So mark your calendars for June 11-13. 2013, your Converged Cloud destination is at HP Discover, Las Vegas.


Looking forward to seeing you there.




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