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Cut the response time for new apps from months to minutes: HP Cloud Maps

Chris Purcell

Written by: Deepak Belani – Product Manager, HP Cloud Maps


Building application services that will be provisioned in the cloud has traditionally involved many steps. It’s a process that is long, convoluted, cumbersome, complex, error-prone, and typically non-repeatable. It requires multiple IT planning meetings, coordination across teams, design reviews and architecture that can often take several weeks to complete. In addition, it could take up to several weeks to configure storage, create VMs, create app deployment packages, assemble workflow, test and qualify. Creating service entry, activating the service, and managing the app lifecycle will continue to add additional time.


You expend a minimum of 10 weeks effort to deliver one new cloud service – it’s certainly not the SPEED you envisioned to cloud-enable your organization. And, there’s no guarantee the service will be set up correctly, fully optimized and tuned for best-in-class delivery, error-free or even repeatable. So the promise of cloud - ‘services in minutes’ isn't really delivered, and isn't that the true value of the cloud? 


What does it take to get there? Is there a better way? These are questions you need to ask yourself (especially the second one) if you’re caught up in the months long cycle required to roll out these new cloud applications.


I think HP Cloud Maps, do really do provide this improvement: HP Cloud Maps are prepackaged, optimized, and tested templates for use with HP CloudSystem and related software to automate the deployment of applications.


Leveraging the deep partnerships HP has with key independent software vendors (ISVs), its expertise in cloud infrastructure and software, and the knowledge and intellectual property developed in the course of real-world HP customer deployments, HP Cloud Maps enable:

• Repeatable, proven deployment that reduces risk and assures improved service levels

• Optimized performance, with built-in disaster tolerance, capacity planning, compliance and life cycle management

• Savings of up to 200 staff-hours in design, development, and deployment for each application environment

• Fast assembly of application service catalogs, with a portfolio of Cloud Maps for over 100 leading business applications

• Push-button simple delivery of new applications, often in less than an hour


How is this possible?  


To get more information about HP Cloud Maps and learn how application service DESIGNING, PROVISIONING and LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT can be achieved in minutes rather than months, visit HP Cloud Map Solutions.


And please take a look at our new HP Cloud Maps video.




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