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Delivering high levels of configurability & control in your policy-defined private cloud


Guest Post: Tom Norton, Technical Services Consulting Chief of Technology 

Helion OpenStack: Delivering configurability and control for your policy-defined private cloud


At HPE, being part of the Technical Services Consulting team doesn't mean just knowing your datacenter as well as the latest cloud technology inside and out. To us, it means using our technical expertise to advise, design and deliver solutions custom-tailored for you, and to offer guidance around the cultural changes in your organization that can deliver on those technology advances as quickly as possible.

One of the most versatile engines in our cloud toolset is HPE Helion OpenStack® (HOS).  A full OpenStack® distribution with complete API compliance, HOS gives customers the opportunity to build a powerful, highly configurable and operable cloud infrastructure, without vendor lock-in.  This combination of flexible, open, and highly operable is a powerful blend, and our customers are responding very positively. 

As a Services executive who works with customers to accelerate their business success, I am thrilled to announce that we  launched HPE Helion OpenStack 3.0, last week at the OpenStack Summit in Austin.  It’s an important release, one that will have an impact on our customers. 

Our top product priorities for HPE Helion OpenStack 3.0 map to the most urgent needs of our enterprise customers: streamlining the management, operations and security challenges they face in running OpenStack in production.  The engineering team has made strong progress here on this release, and we will discuss additional information and detail on the product innovation in HPE Helion OpenStack 3.0 in an upcoming blog post. 

Working with HPE Technical Services Consulting to Find Your Right Mix

Although we have made great strides with our product innovation, customers often seek to supplement product innovation with services expertise.  Our professionals in HPE Technical Services Consulting stand ready to help accelerate the value of cloud in your environment.  We understand that effectively all enterprise customers we work with must accommodate both traditional and cloud workloads in their organizations. Our goal in HPE Technical Services Consulting is to help enterprises achieve their business goals, while still accommodating and integrating with the mix of technologies, tools, and processes in the current environment.  In short, we call this the Right Mix, and it's our approach to define and build the right blend of technology offerings – public, private and managed cloud services -- to optimize for the value and outcomes your business needs. 

Achieving your right mix is not a one-size-fits-all approach: it requires expert advice and insight on your current environment and a vision for where you seek to go.  Most enterprises seek outside assistance, as research shows about 70% of companies use professional services as they adopt a cloud model and sort through the available options1.

Many HPE Helion customers are looking at consulting services because they have a specific business objective in mind and they would like to achieve it faster and with less risk.  The objective could be a key application that is highly distributed or has spikes of very demanding scale.  Other customers seek a move towards cloud-native or cloud-aware applications leveraging on-demand capabilities particularly around compute as storage, such as grid or high-performance computing.  Still others have a strong desire to move to cloud native style development and applications, but need to have specific integrations with existing, more legacy style technologies, and need a way to bridge between the two.

Whatever your goals and interests might be in moving to the cloud, HPE Technical Services Consulting can help you meet your needs.  We offer a range of offerings, capabilities, and competencies, and we have experience advising, designing, building and supporting a broad range of enterprise companies, with all manner of technologies and business goals.  Some of our concrete offerings include:

  • Discovery & Design Sessions - Delivered in a collaborative manner with your team, the efforts are focused on collecting and understanding your business and technical requirements. It’s critical to understand what workloads are being supported, who will be using the systems, whether the activities are automated or require user actions, what are the performance expectations and what systems and processes that must be integrated for success.  The discovery process often involves some initial design tradeoffs as well as subsequent steps in an agile development process. The capture of the technology design and requirements is then played back in order to gain a complete understanding of the work involved and fully communicate expectations.
  • Integration & Customization – During the design sessions, operational considerations such as back-up and recovery, troubleshooting, monitoring and alarming to external systems, as well as external systems, such as plugging into SDN controllers, may have been noted. During the Integration & Customization phase, our team will create and validate software integration and work to meet your requirements.  Our technical consulting services teams work collaboratively with yours enable all members, including IT operations, to have visibility into the development and integration process. Since this is an agile workflow, we design, build, measure and iterate with subsequent sprints, as needed, to provide a flexible level of support for our customers.
  • Configuration & Deployment – As part of our deployment phase, we build, test and integrate the cloud designed to your requirements of the HPE Helion OpenStack platform.  This phase ends with the sprint plan completion or custom tailored to your specifications.  Our experts are available after the initial sprints to provide design knowledge transfer or ongoing consulting as your HPE Helion OpenStack scales and is adopted by your teams.

HOS is the best choice for highly-configurable private clouds

Implementing HOS for customers in the past year, we have seen first-hand how much of a difference maker this highly-configurable private cloud offering can be in an enterprise hybrid world. The unique requirements in a hybrid space typically center around integrations between technologies and services, with the operational focus to handle "day 2" requirements. The latest HPE Helion OpenStack 3.0 release coupled with HPE Technical Services Consulting capabilities, can get you up and running with a robust, enterprise grade, and manageable open and private cloud solution that makes configuring HOS and controlling the security policies even simpler than before.

Learn more!

1TBR Hybrid Cloud Customer Research January 2016

Our focus is leading to customer traction, and we're very excited to share one such story with you from among our financial services customers. Indeed, as we bring HOS 3.0 to market and track the marked increase in customer adoption and interest in using OpenStack technology in their environment, HOS 3.0 could mark an inflection point in our private cloud deployments. 

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