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Distributed and High Performance Computing to come together with HPE acquisition of SGI


Distributed Systems and High Performance Computing to come together with HPE acquisition of SGI

Yesterday, HPE announced its intention to acquire Silicon Graphics International (SGI). While the obvious strategic rationale is to deepen HPE’s market penetration in High-Performance Computing (HPC) with custom-made high-performance supercomputers, the combination with distributed computing software has an opportunity to actually accelerate both cloud-native workloads and highly resilient architectures necessary for always-on cloud requirements.

The future of computing is multi-node - clusters of nodes that work together spanning multiple locations for both performance and availability. Driven by software, these clusters can survive hardware failures and even datacenter-wide outages. They also provide maximum performance (such as low-latency) and security (data locality and protection) supporting edge of the network scenarios and Internet-of-Things use cases.

In a recent report, Gartner noted that, “multinode servers are oriented toward Mode 2 workloads, with most early demand coming from hyperscale companies and enterprises investing in public cloud, analytics and HPC workloads.”

Injecting HPE Helion in SGI can bring HPC to the masses

By deploying the power of HPE Helion OpenStack and HPE Helion Stackato with SGI we see an interesting and potent combination of technologies. OpenStack is the most popular distributed cloud computing software by far. Stackato adds developer polyglot programmability and tools, including containerization. Its ideal use cases are big data analytics, distributed compute, and massive storage. All of this can achieve predictable and linear continuous scale for massive workloads.

HPE can quickly extend the SGI portfolio to enterprises of all sizes, especially now that distributed systems requirements for cloud computing are becoming baseline requirements for IT operations. This acquisition offers the Enterprise IT real benefits through the potential convergence of both high-performance computing and distributed systems.





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