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Don't tackle security on your own


paul Kaeley.jpgBy Paul Kaeley, Vice President Service Providers, HP Enterprise Group Americas


I am sure like many you have seen the headlines – no one wants to be in the middle of data security leak! If you’re a service provider, data security – for both you and your customers – is a huge concern. And if you’re a cloud service provider, it may be the one thing slowing down customer acquisition. And when you add the vast amount of data that’s generated today, the growing risk of data breaches, and the increasing number of regulations surrounding data security, privacy, and retention, the challenge becomes even more magnified.


But you’re a service provider, not a security expert. How can you be confident in your ability to protect data? You do it by relying on a technology partner who has the security solutions, experience, and leadership required to keep data safe. Our latest video takes a look at how to tackle security without bearing the task on your own.



Benefit from HP’s recognized leadership in security

We’ve been recognized by industry analysts for our leadership in several areas, including application security testing (AST), a critical area for service providers delivering web applications. HP Fortify, which provides complete security testing and management for web, mobile, and client applications, is a key part of our application security portfolio.


Another area where you can bring value to your customers is in security information and event management (SIEM). HP ArcSight can help you detect and thwart your customers’ information security threats and breaches in real time, preventing immeasurable losses.


Protect information throughout the network and in the cloud

As your customer data travels across your network, ensuring the security of that network is critical. You’ll get next-generation network security from HP TippingPoint, which defends networks and data centers with effective, highly reliable features that are easy to use.


For cloud services, the HP Atalla cloud security solution provides complete data encryption and key management capabilities to secure your cloud data and meet requirements for compliance with data security and privacy-related regulations. It’s easy to automate and integrate in minutes, and includes split-key technology for full protection across private, hybrid and public clouds.


Get help from HP security services experts

HP Enterprise Security Services are available to help you architect, implement, and grow your security operations. Our team of industry and product experts can guide you in developing network, application, and data security targeted to your unique challenges and needs as a service provider, all using HP security technologies and processes, proven methodology and intellectual property. We can even help with designing, building, and optimizing a complete security operations center for your business.


You don’t have to be a security expert to protect your customers. HP protects all of the top 10 telecoms. Add yourself to the list and let us carry your security burden for you. Learn more.


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