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Driving Innovation and ROI in Healthcare


Customers need sound advice from people they can trust in figuring out how to drive real business outcomes when making the move to the cloud.  At HPE, over 50% of our customers rely on channel partners to implement their cloud.  Together, HPE and our channel partners are helping customers make the journey to the cloud and realize concrete business results such as innovation, cost reduction, and improved service delivery both to employees and customers. 

Here’s a great example…

A New York medical school recently enlisted the help of HPE Cloud Builder, Comport Technology Solutions, to support a Center of Excellence designed to attract cutting-edge researchers and enable real innovation. The school, which was building a new facility in NYC, wanted to empower a premier research organization. 

“They're looking to build a Center of Excellence in research, and they wanted to attract the top researchers on the planet to their organization to work with them,” Brian Roth, Senior Account Director of Comport says. That meant not hamstringing elite talent with unresponsive IT systems or glacially slow provisioning processes.

“Clients are spending 70 percent of their time putting out fires and 30 percent on innovation—and they're looking to flip that,” Roth says.

The organization needed the flexibility of Infrastructure-as-a-Service to streamline processes, allow the organization to scale, and eliminate waste. “They didn't have a ton of resources, and they were constantly behind the eight ball, trying to keep up, trying to drive the innovation within the organization,” he adds.

Comport brought in HPE Helion technology and services, layered with Comport’s own decades-deep healthcare and IT expertise, and Roth says the results amazed his clients.

“The ROI has been tremendous,” he says. “In fact, they've gone back and redone the analysis, because they couldn't believe the numbers they were seeing.”

But seeing is believing. Check out this HPE Helion Partner Success Story video to see how our cloud partner, Comport and HPE Helion Cloud spurred innovation and delivered measurable results in the healthcare industry, a sector experiencing major digital disruption.

 Comport: HPE Helion Partner Success Story

Janette A Hausler | @jhausler |
About the Author


Janette Hausler is the Leader of WW Cloud Channel Partner Marketing at HPE. She is proud to be one of the founding HPE employees of Cloud and Cloud channel businesses. Janette speaks Spanish and has lived in Argentina, Mexico and England. She's also an adventure traveler and has hiked the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and Incan Trail to Machu Picchu.

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