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Enterprises ensure security in hybrid cloud


Control, protection of intellectual property, and visibility—the need for data security in today’s global marketplace remains the same. What’s not the same is the challenge enterprises are facing when trying to replicate their existing security principles into a new or broader hybrid cloud infrastructure deployment.

So, how are organizations getting the security they need?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise customers are finding the answer in building a secured private cloud environment. HPE’s security solutions are protecting companies worldwide, including eight of the 10 world’s largest enterprises, based on the Fortune Global 2015.

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The stress with cloud security

Security and compliance are the primary hurdles enterprises face with hybrid cloud adoption, reported in the 451 Research report.

The top reasons why:

  • Vulnerabilities and compliance issues tied to moving mission-critical data out of corporate datacenters.
  • The risk of hindering the very business benefits gained with hybrid cloud.

The latter is crucial since benefits, such as agility and reducing costs, are the reason for adopting hybrid cloud in the first place.

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A secured environment with private cloud

With a security-first mindset, HPE enables enterprises to meet their security, compliance, and performance demands by helping them build end-to-end security protection into their architectures.

In China—where hybrid cloud adoption has grown more than 50 percent in 2015—Beijing UnionRead built its hybrid environment by leveraging HPE Helion private cloud solutions.


Beijing UnionRead Quote.PNG

A service provider, UnionRead’s customer base includes the gaming industry, education, and mobile internet developers.


The organization integrated HPE Helion OpenStack®, an open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, and HPE Helion Development Platform, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that enables developers to build applications across private and public clouds.


“It is not easy to embrace cloud computing,” said Gao Yin, Vice President, 365IME (Beijing) Network – Technology Co., Ltd. “We have a public cloud to bring convenience and a private cloud to bring security. Whereas, hybrid cloud will bring the security, openness, interoperability, and convenience for enterprises.”


(Watch our video featuring Beijing UnionRead Information Technology Ltd.)

A private-cloud-first strategy

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s belief: the road to a successful hybrid cloud adoption starts with private cloud.

Consider the more regulated public sector, where protecting data security is crucial. Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) started its cloud journey by building a private cloud, which opened up the organization to the possibility for making the transformation to a hybrid environment.

NICS built its private cloud on HPE Helion OpenStack® with the built-in security designed around the organization’s data requirements.

The organization’s private cloud supports 300 staff and supplies services that span to 21,500 users across 300 locations.

“We weren’t considering a public cloud-type model for reasons of data security,” said Barry Larry, director of IS shared services and strategy at NICS.  

“We wanted to host our own datacenter, but we thought that we were a sufficient scale that we could provide our own internal private cloud model, which may at some stage for certain applications migrate into a hybrid type model,” he added.

(Read the NICS case study)

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About 451 Research

451 Research is an information technology research and advisory company.

The 451 Research report on Critical Security and Compliance Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Deployments (Dec. 2015) was commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Twenty vertical markets were represented in the report. Participants were 250 North American IT executives of enterprises with more than 5,000 employees, and at various stages of hybrid cloud transformation.




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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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