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Expanding IT focus beyond the ROI thought process


By Samantha Booton, Marketing Program Manager, ISS HP Americas


The new HP ProLiant Gen8 represents a shift in server updates. Instead of simply looking at increasing speed and compute power, HP engineers and designers revolutionized the entire server experience. Over 150 innovations were integrated into the servers—all with the goal to improve the efficiency of the servers and improve how IT professionals relate to the servers.


One of the biggest differences between Gen8 and previous ProLiant generations is that return on investment (ROI) wasn’t the main focus of generation-to-generation improvements.  ROI is still very important for Gen8, but it isn’t the main differentiator anymore.


ROI is still a valuable tool, but this time it is more about total cost of ownership (TCO). A lot of the value-add this time around can’t be measured by either performance or efficiency. So, I can’t divide one by the other and kick out an ROI number as easily as we could with a G6 or a G7 server.


This time around it is more about how valuable automation is to you. Does the thought of having an active health system running in the background, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, excite you?


At the Pathways to Cloud Roadshow 2012 sponsored by HP and Intel®, you will learn how HP experts can help your organization establish a new cloud infrastructure with ProLiant Gen8. At the roadshow you will discover how HP and the next-generation ProLiant will help you rethink the potential of how your data center operates.


Experts will be on hand at the exhibit hall portion of the road show and there will be several presentations discussing how the innovations of Gen8 can revolutionize your data center. Imagine the possibilities that increased automation and communication between your servers and IT professionals can provide for your enterprise. Decreased downtime, increased power utilization and improved user interfaces will help your organization reach new heights.


HP Pathways to Cloud Road Show is currently touring the U.S. until April 19. The roadshow will help you explore and understand the key elements involved on the path to cloud.


 Register for a roadshow event near you or get more information.


In addition watch the  HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers – Check out what’s new  video to learn how HP’s server enhancements can proactively impact your enterprise.

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