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Fast-track the implementation of TIBCO Silver Fabric with HP Cloud Maps


TIBCO Silver® Fabric helps create a private cloud in your own data center – supplying the performance and cost-saving benefits of public cloud deployments without the security risk of offsite hosting. With TIBCO Silver Fabric, you can have both high performance and reduced cost. Using the computing power of your existing systems, you can automatically optimize and scale to meet business demands.


TIBCO and HP have worked closely together to bundle their deep knowledge in hardware, operating system and Silver Fabric to develop the TIBCO Silver Fabric Cloud Map. HP Cloud Maps are prepackaged, optimized and tested cloud service designs for use with HP CloudSystem Matrix to automate the deployment of applications in the cloud. The cloud service design template (part of the Cloud Map solution) provides optimal deployment increasing reliability of the solution. Using automated workflows provides high quality making it repeatable, proven deployment that reduces risk and significantly simplifies the installation process. To learn more about HP Cloud Maps and to download them, go to


HP Cloud Maps defines everything needed to streamline and fast-track the Silver Fabric implementation. This standard process insures consistency which translates to fewer implementation service calls. On a CloudSystem, you can use a Cloud Map to automate hardware and software provisioning… bring up Silver Fabric Engines… and Silver Fabric Engines can have applications up and running in a secure, private cloud in literally minutes.   Additionally, Silver Fabric enhances the Cloud Maps to elastically provision new resources into the private cloud, based on application monitoring thresholds.


Using TIBCO Silver Fabric Cloud Maps together with HP CloudSystem Matrix ensures that your journey to the cloud will be quick, error-free and impactful. 


To learn more about how TIBCO’s engagement with HP to develop Cloud Map for Silver Fabric is adding a huge value to its customers view the Global Partner Conference, 2013 Cloud Maps video


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