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Finally, a slick way to automate your repetitive service desk requests


Written by Mike Zuber, VP GTM Sales


process.jpgThink about your service desk today. Can you categorize the type of requests it receives? How many seem repetitive and low value? Nearly every organization has a list (sometimes quite long) of service desk requests they would love to automate if they could only find a slick way to make them go away. Good news: now there is.


With the release of the Operations Orchestration Community Edition, you now have free access to a world-class run book automation platform that enterprise IT organizations have been using for years to automate repetitive tasks, saving time and money, and increasing quality and user satisfaction all at the same time.


With this free download, you will be able to begin experiencing within two hours the power of IT process automation and IT operations orchestration.


FREE: The new HP Operations Orchestration Community Edition 



One client’s success

Ask yourself another question: How many incidents or requests are created on average each month at your shop? One client I worked with had north of 4,000 unique requests a month with a staff of just eight people.


By using Operations Orchestration (OO), they were able to streamline their service desk, lower “Mean Time to Resolution” (MTTR) and save a lot of money, while freeing their key resources to work on more value-add and industry-leading ideas. For example, they enabled password resets, automated log management activities and even approached automating their Disaster Recovery processes.



How do I get started ?

OO_CE.PNGWhile it is fun to talk about all the success that this client and others have had with OO, we should step back and realize what really set them up for success. 


The first thing the client did is inventory the various types of requests or incidents that come into your organization. Once you have this inventory, you can categorize the various types and look for low hanging fruit to automate and streamline your operation.


But first, you need to download the Operations Orchestration Community Edition. You have no time to waste, and really nothing to lose—this is your chance to bring game-changing technology into your organization. DOWNLOAD : HP Operations Orchestration Community Edition 



Experience HP Operations Orchestration for free

The new HP Operations Orchestration Community Edition is a free download of the platform with out-of-the-box content packs for automating incident remediation. Designed for easy self-installation, you will be able to begin experiencing within two hours the power of IT process automation and IT operations orchestration. The learn more :

●      Visit the Operations Orchestration product page for more details :

●      Be the first to learn how Operations Orchestration starts your Orchestrated Datacenter journey 



Join us at HP Discover 

HP Discover 2014.jpgAt our semi-annual HP Discover event enjoy the many specially prepared topics on automating, orchestrating and transforming your IT environments. Join session BB3282 to hear of a practitioner's journey to Operations Orchestration. Next, swing by the immersive demo experiences over at the Automation and Cloud Management booths. We look forward to seeing you there!

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