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Financial Services Helping Service Providers Change how to Access, Pay For and Use Technology


By Guest Blogger David Lappin, Services Business Development, HPE Financial Services


Increasingly, we’re looking in the rear-view mirror at the old, familiar, linear model of IT consumption. Traditional IT hardware investments were by design, long-term commitments requiring a hefty upfront expense. As a result, key performance indicators, KPIs, were set to align with IT depreciation averaging five, ten even twenty years, and IT budget cycles were predictably annual.

 But now, enterprises have realized that flexibility is the key to business transformation. Demand and capacity ebb and flow in a digital dance driven by numerous market factors. The Idea Economy makes no allowances for stagnation, so it’s time for IT leaders to make their move.

This trend has become amplified in the service provider market, where customer demand for innovation has hit new heights. Gone are the days in which all aspects of IT were developed, deployed, and managed in-house.  Service providers are eager to understand the business value that rethinking how IT is acquired, paid for and used - can bring.  The benefit is two-fold; taking an “IT consumption” approach can help both the service provider and end-user customer innovate. The key is bearing business outcomes in mind at the very start. This will help develop the best capital strategy and IT consumption solutions that will help your business achieve its goals, with collaboration and support along the way.


“Familiar territory is long gone…” The question is: In what new territory will you stake your claim in order to help your business thrive?

Learn more in the whitepaper “What is IT Consumption?”

Learn more about HPE Financial Services:

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I manage the HPE Helion social media brand accounts promoting the enterprise cloud solutions at HPE for hybrid, public, and private clouds.I have put my toes in the ocean of cloud evangelism for the enterprise IT industry. But my expertise is in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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