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Five keys to faster cloud application development with PaaS for multi-cloud (video)


Developers are under pressure to create a continuous stream of new business solutions with innovations that create new opportunities or mitigate threats from the competition. IT must support these growing developer needs by providing more modern Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) application development environments powered by the cloud to enable faster development and deployment of these cloud-native applications.  There can be a dizzying array of requirements to meet as you look to create the PaaS solution that will meet both IT needs for standard and reliable services as well as developer needs.  This can include supporting cloud application portability and deployment on multiple private and public clouds, since 34% of enterprise developers have built software for elastic cloud platforms in the past two years1.  It can also include supporting multiple languages and frameworks to meet different types of cloud application needs while enabling self-service infrastructure and automated application stack configuration so developers and testers don’t waste time configuring and troubleshooting stacks for each development or test cycle.   


What are the key capabilities and requirements you need to focus on to deliver the benefits of speed and innovation that cloud-native application development offers your developers?  What are the options for deploying them to meet IT requirements and within the timeframes your business requires? Watch this short video for a look at five key capabilities you need to create a flexible, integrated and automated PaaS solution to get you started with faster cloud-native application development.



New modern development processes improve customer focus

Embracing these five capabilities of modern development processes helps organizations have more customer-centric development outcomes where innovation can more quickly address what customers need to drive growth. Supporting a broader range of frameworks and languages enables you to deliver on both mobile and web experiences while faster updating can help you better govern and capitalize on new ideas and open source community enhancements.  Enabling faster testing and continuous testing across the lifecycle with CI/CD can help you improve live debugging by developers resulting in improved quality and performance of mobile and cloud applications for customers.  You can put these capabilities of cloud application development to work for your business like Service-Flow did with their PaaS solution based on HPE Helion Stackato. They now deploy frequent updates to multiple applications simultaneously while exceeding their service level guarantees with zero downtime and no service disruptions.


The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Helion portfolio offers software solutions like HPE Helion Stackato that deliver a complete solution for quickly developing and deploying cloud-native apps on multiple clouds based on Cloud FoundryTM and Docker containers.  It integrates all the key capabilities you need into one powerful, open application platform.  You can also speed time to value with simplicity in installation and over the lifecycle of your end-to-end PaaS solution with HPE Helion CloudSystem that includes Helion Stackato.  This pre-integrated hardware and software solution instantiates a private cloud within hours to quickly enable your developers with multiple hardware configurations available to meet your cloud development and application needs. Helion CloudSystem also provides the unified management and enterprise-grade experience IT needs to provide services to the business and customers that are highly scalable, available, and secure against loss or intrusion.


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Learn about the latest advancements in cloud application development from the experts in the new versions of Helion Stackato 4.0 and the HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 solution


For more information and resources on how to put cloud to work speeding application development, explore the develop and deploy cloud-native apps use case site.


1The Forrester WaveTM: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, Q1 2016, Forrester Research, January 2016

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Deborah Martin is a cloud enthusiast with over 7 years in creating cloud solutions for multiple industries and business needs. She is part of the HPE Helion team that works to promote and educate on solutions for key business use cases for cloud computing

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