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For HP Discover in Frankfurt 2012 – We continue to keep the Cloud lights on for you

Chris Purcell

I think everyone who attended the HP Discover event in Frankfurt in early December 2012 would agree it was a great technology show…in my opinion I think it was the best Discover show I have attended to date. Granted it was extremely busy for me, but to all the customers I spoke to, I received a strong sense that they all felt it was a great investment of their time.


Like all technology shows, there is a ton of information to see on the exhibit floor, breakout session to attend and subject matter experts to talk to. So to help refresh your memory if you attended, or give you an opportunity to see what you missed if you did not get to Frankfurt, here is a summary of cloud breakout sessions that were presented. As in Discover in Las Vegas earlier in 2012, there was a core collection of Converged Cloud breakout sessions which were divided up under the following sub categories:


HP Converged Cloud in action

TK2039 Track Keynote: Unleashing the enterprise opportunity in the cloud

BB1369 Supporting the Cloud

BB1695 Launching the data centre into the cloud

BB2870 Master the Cloud: Decisions today for a cloud-ready future

BB2869 Master the Cloud: Where’s the money? How to write the business case for cloud

TB2083 Master the Cloud: Best practices for hybrid cloud - build a cloud you’re proud of, without making million dollar mistakes!

BB1807 Fast time-to-market, lower costs and productivity improvements at SFR, one of Europe’s largest telecom operators


Enterprise-grade cloud

TB2051 Master the Cloud:  Understanding HP’s Converged Cloud reference architecture

TB1568 Automate your way to the cloud

BB1627 Comprehensive unified service management for the private-hybrid cloud

TB2874 How to accelerate the journey to private or hybrid cloud

TB2871 Mission-critical converged infrastructure for private cloud

BB2876 Zero to Cloud: one real-life journey to ITaaS using HP 3PAR StoreServ

TB2875 Building cloud-optimised data centre networks


Cloud services from HP

BB2185 Protect your customers and your brand with global anti-counterfeiting cloud solution

BB1573 Transform your SAP landscape: a hybrid cloud deployment strategy from HP

TB3308 Test drive the HP Cloud – run and operate your web services at scale

BB3370 Why open matters: HP Cloud Services designed with OpenStack™ technology

BB3019 Perfect fit for your enterprise: virtual private cloud or private cloud?


Cloud for Test and Development

BB2872 Manage your move to the Cloud with the HP Cloud Roadmap Service

BB1694 Customer case study: hybrid delivery with Swisscom

TB3251 Deliver an application cloud service in hours vs. months with HP Cloud Maps

BB1722 How Everything Everywhere deliver faster applications leveraging the cloud


Solutions for Cloud Service Providers    

BB1750 Building the cloud

BB1745 Cash in on the Cloud: Service Providers and HP, a winning partnership

TB1944 Silver lining, where Service Providers can find Cloud opportunities

BB3038 Need a hybrid Cloud approach? HP CloudAgile Service Providers offer managed and public cloud solutions



Application transformation

TK2127 Track Keynote: Application Transformation: are you ready for the future?

BB2883 Application transformation in preparation for cloud

BB2912 Enabling Cloud at HP

BB2125 We know how much your applications cost to run.  Do you?


The sessions highlighted in bold have been video tapped and the non bolded sessions are available as PDF downloads. All these sessions are free to you to view, all you need to do is create an account and log onto the Discover site. Please note that once you are on the site you will find a wider selection of all videos and sessions than listed above, which hopefully will capture your interest as well. Happy viewing!!




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Chris Purcell

Converged Susyems, Composable Infrastructure, Cloud, Integrated Management and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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