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HP Cloud Maps @ Discover 2012

Chris Purcell

Learn how to meet cloud application service requests with quality, confidence, and speed for CloudSystem


Written by Deepak Belani,  


Delivering application services for the cloud today is a long, cumbersome, complex, error-prone and non-repeatable manual process. It requires multiple IT planning meetings, coordination across teams, design reviews, architecture, configuration, testing, qualifying, followed by creating the service, activating the service, and managing the application lifecycle. And, there’s no guarantee the service will be set up correctly, fully optimized and error-free.


IDC has determined that the time to deploy a cloud service at minimum can take 10 weeks or more. This is clearly not good enough when we are talking about the need to move at cloud speed. The promise of cloud is ‘service in minutes’. Is there a better way?


Welcome to HP Cloud Maps, a better way:

HP Cloud Maps are prepackaged, optimized, and tested templates for use with HP CloudSystem and related software to automate the deployment of applications in the cloud. Leveraging the deep partnerships HP has with key independent software vendors (ISVs), its expertise in cloud infrastructure and software, and the knowledge and intellectual property developed in the course of real-world HP customer deployments, HP Cloud Maps enable:


• Repeatable, proven deployment that reduces risk and assures improved service levels

• Optimized performance, with built-in disaster tolerance, capacity planning, compliance, and life cycle management

• Savings of up to 200 staff-hours in design, development, and deployment for each application environment

• Fast assembly of application service catalogs, with a portfolio of Cloud Maps for over 100 leading business applications

• Push-button simple delivery of new applications, often in less than an hour


Register today for HP DISCOVER and learn more how HP Cloud Maps can help your organization. Come discover how HP Cloud Maps can accelerate your ability to design and deploy cloud services. Come and see Cloud Maps Demo @ HP Booth: Pavilion: Your Cloud, Your Way. Meet the engineers working on some of the latest Cloud Maps and learn some of their best practices. We have several demos and sessions specifically dedicated to HP Cloud Maps:


Session Number



Date & Time


Simplify and accelerate end-to-end design and provisioning of applications and infrastructure with HP Cloud Maps


Jun 5th (2:45 PM)


Journey to the cloud for SAP landscapes


Jun 6th (5:15 PM)


Build your own application service automation with HP Cloud Maps


Jun 6th (2:45 PM)


Deliver an Application Platform in Hours vs. Months with HP Cloud Maps


Jun 6th (1:30 PM)


Journey to the cloud for your Oracle environment


Jun 6th (11:15 AM)


To learn more about HP Cloud Maps, go to

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Chris Purcell

Converged Susyems, Composable Infrastructure, Cloud, Integrated Management and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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