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HP CloudSystem Matrix hybrid cloud and bursting support


On June 5, HP announced the release of CloudSystem Matrix 7.1 including Matrix OE 7.1. Starting with version 7.0, released earlier this year, Matrix OE could burst to Savvis as a service provider. Matrix OE 7.1 adds HP Cloud Services (OpenStack-based) and Amazon EC2  as service providers. But what is the value of bursting, and how does Matrix OE 7.1 provide value in a hybrid environment?


One of the goals of HP's Converged Cloud strategy is to support workloads that can run in Traditional IT, private cloud, managed cloud, and public cloud environments. If an organization were to use all of these environments (and potentially some with multiple providers), there would be a plethora of different processes, portal, interfaces, and designers. The process to create a service with one service provider would likely differ with another service provider or with private cloud. This is where Matrix OE 7.1 can help.


With Matrix OE 7.1, you link your service provider accounts to the same interface that you use to design and deploy private cloud services - and based on many of the same management tools you would use in traditional IT. Then you can design a service template consisting of servers, storage, networking, OS images or VM templates, and more. This service template could be designed to run on public, managed, private, or a hybrid cloud combination (such as a database deployed in a private cloud and web servers deployed on managed or public cloud).


The requesters have one service catalog to find and request the available services - no matter where they run. Once the service is requested and authorized, Matrix OE 7.1 automatically deploys it - no matter where it runs.


This may seem complicated. But, it is much simpler than actually interfacing with different providers,  portals, designers, and service catalogs depending on where the service will run. HP also helps make it easy with HP CloudMaps. These pre-tested templates come with best practices, scripts, workflows, sizers, and more. They can be downloaded and customized for your environment, rather than needing to create the complex services on your own.


Is your organization deploying IT services in multiple internal and/or external environments today? If not, is that something that is being considered?


Jacob Van Ewyk



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I am part of the CloudSystem Matrix product management team at HP. I focus on our partnering strategy with other HP software products.

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