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HP Helion OpenStack 2.0: The innovation of open source with the enterprise power of HP


Guest Post: Bill Hilf, SVP and GM, HP Cloud


I am excited to announce the release of HP Helion OpenStack® 2.0. This release contains tremendous value for our customers and partners, and I want to talk about why.   


I meet with enterprise customers and partners all the time to talk about cloud and HP Helion OpenStack and, most importantly, to listen to their needs and concerns.   


And the key question I get from enterprises is: “Is Helion OpenStack enterprise ready?”


“Absolutely,” I reply.


 “You know what I mean by enterprise ready, correct?”


We do. 


Enterprise customers typically have thousands of applications, hundreds of vendors, dozens of datacenters. They have supporting systems, people and processes to run the technology that powers their businesses. So when customers ask whether HP Helion OpenStack is ready for the enterprise, it’s not just about things like NIC bonding or improved configuration management or monitoring at scale, though those are important and delivered in HP Helion OpenStack 2.0.  Customers are asking a broader question—is the full force of HP behind HP Helion OpenStack, ready to deliver the enterprise grade value that customers expect from us? 




Three factors lead me to respond with such confidence:

  • The OpenStack project’s continuing maturation;
  • HP’s enterprise-focused advances in HP Helion OpenStack 2.0; and
  • The full HP value and portfolio supporting our customers.

I want to talk about each in more depth.


First, the OpenStack project, now in its 12th release, is one of the most vibrant open source communities in some time and is seeing rapid growth in enterprise grade production deployments.  PayPal recently completed its migration to a 100% OpenStack based cloud supporting its more than $200 billion in annual payment processing.  Walmart uses OpenStack code to power over 150,000 cores.  Bloomberg runs and operates OpenStack for an internal private cloud.  The list continues to grow.  In the most recent OpenStack User Survey, 60% of respondents answered that their deployments were in production, up from 49% six months ago.  In short, the OpenStack project has matured and enterprise deployments are following.


Second, for enterprises who’ve taken a ‘wait and see’ attitude towards the OpenStack project, I’d encourage taking a deeper look at HP Helion OpenStack 2.0.  This is a watershed release for Helion OpenStack.  Concretely, I’d call out advances in areas such as lifecycle management and configurability.  HP Helion OpenStack 2.0 enables customers to make changes to the structure of their cloud and keep it updated without downtime. Improving security and monitoring is another major focus in this 2.0 release.  From continuous patch management to data encryption across all the OpenStack nodes, HP Helion OpenStack 2.0’s new capabilities strengthen and simplify the ability to secure and manage OpenStack code in enterprise production deployments.  To help our customers achieve operational excellence, HP has taken a lead role innovating on the monitoring at scale capability within the OpenStack community.  Specifically, we’ve led the development of the Monasca project, which delivers an operator console experience and pre-built set of performance and health rules to keep the cloud running at peak levels.  I’m in discussions daily with our early adopters and beta customers, and I am confident that with these advances, HP Helion OpenStack 2.0 delivers a strong, enterprise grade release.     




Finally, as enterprises continue to move towards a hybrid cloud world, HP has unrivaled expertise and enterprise capability that sets us apart as a technology partner.  This statement goes far beyond HP Helion OpenStack 2.0.  As you think about integrating new cloud technologies into your existing environment, HP is ready and able to support you.  We have over 2,000 technical support professionals available 24/7/365 to answer the phone in more than 30 languages—and we can provide this support for any existing technology or workloads you have, as well as the new cloud capabilities you would roll out on HP Helion OpenStack.  We can craft solutions that span our hardware and converged infrastructure, software, and professional services portfolios, in whatever combination makes most sense for you.  HP has a massive partnership competency—we are the industry’s largest resellers of VMware, Red Hat and Microsoft technologies and we have the largest number of channel partners in the industry.  What all this means to you is that we have the breadth and the capability to work with you to build, deliver and support whatever solution best helps your business.


This is important, because whenever I talk to customers about HP Helion OpenStack 2.0, our conversation always broadens to this discussion.  Our customers don’t need just another technology; they need an enterprise grade partner who can help them adopt new technology successfully.  HP is that partner—we have the track record, the portfolio and the capability to support enterprise customers around the globe.  


I’m proud to announce the release of HP Helion OpenStack 2.0, and I’m deeply confident that working with HP, you can find an opportunity to boldly move your cloud agenda forward.  Please get in touch with us to learn more about how.


The OpenStack Word Mark and OpenStack Logo are either registered trademarks/service marks or trademarks/service marks of the OpenStack Foundation, in the United States and other countries and are used with the OpenStack Foundation's permission. We are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation, or the OpenStack community.

Senior Manager, Cloud Online Marketing
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About the Author


I manage the HPE Helion social media and website teams promoting the enterprise cloud solutions at HPE for hybrid, public, and private clouds. I was previously at Dell promoting their Cloud solutions and was the open source community manager for OpenStack and at Rackspace and Citrix Systems. While at Citrix Systems, I founded the Citrix Developer Network, developed global alliance and licensing programs, and even once added audio to the DOS ICA client with assembler. Follow me at @SpectorID


What is the support lifecycle of HP Helion Openstack?

(Fpr example see Eucalyptus lifecycle here )



Thanks for the request, I have contacted our product team for the information. The contact they gave me in on vacation this week but I will update this comment once I get the response.

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