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HP Helion Strategy to Deliver Hybrid IT Continues Strong


Guest Post by Bill Hilf, SVP Helion Product Management


In May 2014, HP unveiled the vision and strategy behind our new global cloud portfolio, HP Helion. At that time we outlined a strategy committed to open source technology and hybrid delivery – spanning traditional IT, public, private and managed clouds – and introduced a portfolio of cloud offerings that enable organizations to build, manage, and consume cloud services helping deliver greater agility, lowers costs and managing risk while leveraging the advantages of cloud computing.


Today, this strategy and vision continues full-force. In the past week, a quote of mine in the media was interpreted as HP is exiting the public cloud, which is not the case. Our portfolio strategy to deliver on the vision of Hybrid IT continues strong, highlighted by the following:


·         HP operates one of the largest OpenStack-based public clouds. This has distinctive benefits to HP, our customers and partners. The HP Helion Public Cloud provides us with the unique ability to develop and test our technologies at significant scale, contribute IP back to open source communities, and leverage that expertise to benefit our customers. Our Public Cloud Services are also used by customers that require them as a component of their overall cloud and hybrid delivery strategy.


·         We operate a fast growing hosted, virtual private cloud – designed specifically for enterprise customers seeking fully managed cloud environments and services.


·         Our private cloud and managed private cloud leadership continues to win accolades and earn leader positions by industry analysts, including Forrester Research and IDC.


The bottom line is HP Helion offers customers choice across hybrid delivery models: public, managed (hosted), or private. And we have seen great success with this strategy over the past year proven with great customers, such as Deutsche Bank, Fox, Telefonica, and Societe Generale. In Europe, where data directive legislation is a critical component of doing business, our support of the Cloud28+ initiative, is leading how public cloud strategies will be adopted throughout the continent.


Over the past year, working with our customers, partners and developers, we have made several important observations that have confirmed our strategy to double down on hybrid delivery and informed the moves we’ve made to strengthen our portfolio and partnerships.


·         We see a clear and consistent pattern where enterprises are becoming Internal Service Providers. As enterprises adopt cloud computing, they are evolving their application portfolios, taking advantage of different cloud services -- IaaS, PaaS and SaaS -- utilizing the best suited delivery model for that application or workload. For applications that process and store highly sensitive information, a secure private cloud or managed private cloud may be required. For workloads with unpredictable, highly variable traffic, a public cloud may be the best choice. Enterprises need the flexibility to support both public and private, gaining the cloud benefits (consumption economics, horizontal scale, agility, etc.) while maintaining security and control.   Essentially Enterprise IT acts as a front end, or broker, to multiple cloud solutions behind the scenes.


·         For workloads fit for Public Cloud, customers desire multiple options. Public clouds can play an important role for an Internal Service Provider in an enterprise. Of course, developers and IT operations increasingly want a variety of services and options, often driven by cost and resource availability. In addition to our own public cloud, enterprises often use a combination of providers, such as: AWS, Google, Azure and Alibaba. We believe the ability to support and integrate different public cloud environments and services is an essential part of hybrid delivery for the enterprise.


Today, we are building a portfolio of offerings in support of hybrid delivery for enterprise internal service providers, including the ability to partner with public cloud providers - spanning pure public clouds, telecom providers and local managed services companies. We are not doing pure public cloud only. We are not changing our strategy.


In fact, we are accelerating support for hybrid delivery across our HP Helion portfolio. We have added greater support for AWS as part of hybrid delivery, with the Eucalyptus acquisition, and we are expanding our offerings in cloud-native applications, with investments in Cloud Foundry (which you can try out today on our public cloud), and our work with Docker and Kubernetes -- all important ingredients to building even greater flexibility, speed and interoperability, as the boundaries between the types of clouds and services (IaaS and PaaS) becomes increasingly blurred. We also offer tools, such HP Cloud Service Automation, that brokers and manages services across a customer’s entire hybrid portfolio, spanning multiple types of public and private cloud services.


Our success is grounded in our ability to both serve enterprise cloud requirements today, and build a platform for internal service provision and hybrid delivery for the long-term, built with open source and on open standards and interoperability, through both HP and our partners. As always, we will listen to our customers and partners first and foremost.



Bill Hilf

SVP, Helion Product Management


Senior Manager, Cloud Online Marketing
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I manage the HPE Helion social media and website teams promoting the enterprise cloud solutions at HPE for hybrid, public, and private clouds. I was previously at Dell promoting their Cloud solutions and was the open source community manager for OpenStack and at Rackspace and Citrix Systems. While at Citrix Systems, I founded the Citrix Developer Network, developed global alliance and licensing programs, and even once added audio to the DOS ICA client with assembler. Follow me at @SpectorID

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