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HP eats its own dog food with HP Cloud solutions


I’ve been a student of leadership for the past two decades.  I’ve learned a great deal from many mentors and business leaders. They have taught me the importance of coaching and motivation, emotional intelligence and influencing for results. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to apply my learning and pass the knowledge forward to others in both my professional and personal lives.  One of the key lessons I’ve learned is that great leaders lead by example.


As an HP Cloud evangelist, it is only natural for me to share with you how HP, a leader in the IT industry and cloud computing market, is leading by example.  We have been sharing our vision and capabilities with enterprises on how to take advantage of cloud innovations to transform their business and accelerate business outcomes. Recently, I shared the example of how an iconic 80-year old media company, 20th Century Fox, is transforming itself to become a digital enterprise with HP Converged Cloud.  Today, I want to share with you how we, at HP, are eating our own dog food and using cloud to transform our business.


As a starter, HP has built a private cloud with a self-service portal for provisioning and managing servers and network resources. With the cloud, we’ve slashed the average time to provision a server from 21 days to just four hours, explains HP Senior Vice President & Global CIO, Ramon Baez, in a recent video.



He further adds that previously it took IT two weeks to provision databases.  Now, any business user can do it in five minutes. I gave it a try. I went to the self-service portal and requested a 10GB Oracle database instance on a Linux server. Within a few clicks I was given the resource I requested — and it took just three minutes! When I was done using the database instance, I went back to the portal and removed it just as easily. I was impressed! 


That’s how I’m benefiting from our move to the cloud, but what about the benefits to our business? Baez summarizes it well in the video: “Our engineers and developers can get resources much quicker than ever before. Bottom line, it allows us to go to market at unprecedented speed. And that drives more revenue opportunities. And that is power.”


Doing more with less


Let me give you another example of how we are eating our own dog food.  The HP Information Technology team has implemented HP Moonshot servers in the environment. HP Moonshot System is the world’s first software-defined server that will accelerate innovation while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale.  Compared to traditional servers, HP Moonshot uses up to:


  • 89 percent less energy
  • 80 percent less space
  • Reduces total costs of operation by 77 percent

Internal benchmarks show that there is an average of 300 million hits on each day and yet the energy required to power the entire website approximately equals to the amount of energy used by 12 60-watt light bulbs.   


In my next blog post, I’ll share with you how my colleagues in other HP business units are using HP cloud solutions to help them transform the way they do business.  Stay tuned.


Learn how


If you would like to learn about how cloud can help you transform your business, join us at HP Discover 2013 Barcelona, December 10-12, where we will detail our recommended approach for IT and business transformation to the cloud, and share how we are partnering with customers to make hybrid a reality today.


Register today for HP Discover Barcelona. I look forward to sharing more stories with you!


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