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HP welcomes IBM’s rhetoric around stronger OpenStack® support

Chris Purcell

Written by Saar Gillai, senior vice president and general manager of Converged Cloud for Hewlett Packard


The growth and market acceptance of OpenStack has been a journey.  One that HP has been closely involved with for nearly two years.  Our decision to leverage OpenStack for our cloud platform was not made lightly, and was based on our experience of deploying cloud solutions for several years prior to our OpenStack participation. In fact, we have thousands of customers using our cloud solutions and services, and those numbers are growing quickly. 


From that experience and direct customer feedback, we knew we wanted to create an open cloud framework, as opposed to one based on proprietary technologies and APIs.  Our first step was to use OpenStack as the base of our public cloud platform, but our strategy all along has been to have OpenStack as the common foundation and operating system across our cloud environments.  For example, the latest version of CloudSystem, our solution for building private and managed clouds, includes OpenStack components and technologies.  On top of OpenStack, we add HP innovation to provide a more comprehensive and centralized management and monitoring capability as well as other advanced services, leveraging our experience and portfolio across hardware, software and services.


In addition to our own solutions, HP is a leading contributor to and sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. We are a Platinum member of the Foundation with two board members and active membership on multiple committees, from technical to legal to training.  In terms of contribution, we are the largest employee contributor, with hundreds of engineers working on OpenStack. As a company, we are a top five contributor to both Folsom and Grizzly based on the number of lines of code contributed. 


I’m especially proud of our leadership in OpenStack infrastructure, as we lead and provide the majority of staff for the continuous integration and automation project, and we are the only group, outside of the Foundation, with full-time staff dedicated to OpenStack infrastructure. 


So when IBM announced this week it planned to put greater emphasis on OpenStack and release a beta version of a software tool, I welcomed the move and was somewhat amused. As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  It’s great to see other large IT companies follow HP’s lead, and the more companies that put their support behind OpenStack, the better.  


However, while other companies are starting to join the OpenStack movement, we are accelerating our contribution and utilization of OpenStack and open source components as a common foundation for our Converged Cloud strategy


Strong rhetoric is important, but we are committed to action and delivering cloud solutions and services our customers need today.   


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