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HPE and Compufácil: Developing the Right Cloud for a City of Knowledge


Legacy systems and infrastructure are a bane of the IT leader's existence. Even when the will, technology, and budget to adopt new technology come together, that convergence can be defeated by the limitations of existing systems. Channel partners can play a role in advising on the right mix of traditional IT and cloud technology to forge the bridge between traditional IT and cloud.

Juan Sebastián Carlos Hernández, (cloud commercial director) of EnLaNube, a cloud service offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise cloud partner , is involved in such a project. And it's not the creation of an IT infrastructure for a single enterprise. It involves the IT backbone for an entire city—one that's destined to be a global leader in research.

It's a project on a daunting scale, but Colombia-based Compufácil has served as a technology solutions company for nearly a quarter of a century. In helping clients transition to cloud, the HPE partner is also leveraging the power of a global tech leader.

“The most important [aspect] is that we have support from HPE,” he says in a recent HPE Helion Partner Success Stories video. “We know that we can sell any hardware or software solution from HPE, and if we have a problem, we can call HPE and we have, I don’t know, 200 engineers supporting us.”

Smart cloud tech for a city of knowledge

Yachay Ciudad del Conocimiento (“Yachay City of Knowledge”) is a planned city in Ecuador that will become a center of education, research, and industry. Compufácil is consulting on the ambitious municipality's IT infrastructure.

“They need to offer all the services that a city needs to be a smart—security access, traffic, and everything. And, from us, a managed central site,” Carlos says, adding that Compufácil recommended using a private cloud. “We told them ... 'You can begin from here and use HPE Helion CloudSystem Enterprise to solve all your requirements.'”

Building an entire city from scratch dwarfs most enterprise IT projects, but many IT leaders will relate to the challenges Yachay faces.

“They have nothing because they just start to build the city; they need to grow in the best way,” Carlos says. “If they grow as a traditional IT infrastructure for each and every project, they have to buy hardware, buy software, and build the solution. With cloud services you don’t have to do that. You can grow and be flexible and respond even faster.”

That focus on growth is key; Carlos notes that HPE Helion cloud solutions are about more than just monitoring existing services and infrastructure.

“They can develop new services because one of the main characteristics of CloudSystem Enterprise is that you can develop [software],” he says.

For more on how HPE Helion and Compufácil are bringing cloud technology—and the future—to Latin America, watch HPE Helion Partner Success Stories’ short, three-minute video. For more information on Compufácil, check out their website 

Janette A Hausler | @jhausler |
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Janette Hausler is the Leader of WW Cloud Channel Partner Marketing at HPE. She is proud to be one of the founding HPE employees of Cloud and Cloud channel businesses. Janette speaks Spanish and has lived in Argentina, Mexico and England. She's also an adventure traveler and has hiked the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and Incan Trail to Machu Picchu.

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