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HPE is loyal to service providers


chuck adams 2.jpgGuest post by Chuck Adams, AMS Director, HPE Partner Ready Service Provider Program

We’re changing the way we do business at HPE by moving from selling products to enabling outcomes. Leading cloud service providers do just that: Deliver outcomes for your company.


For example, imagine if you could choose from a menu that tells you how much it would cost to feed your family healthy meals for an entire month or year. You’d be buying the outcome instead of the products.
Service providers in the HPE Partner Ready Service Provider Program have that same approach with cloud economics.

HPE is loyal to service providers.PNG With service providers in the HPE Partner Ready Service Provider Program, you simply specify the amount of storage and compute capacity required to perform a given task. The provider then offers a menu of delivery level and pricing options, which requires knowledge of both your needs and what the cloud can provide. HPE remains loyal to service providers who do this exceptionally well. And vice versa.


Leading the shift to buying “outcomes” are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with enterprises not far behind.
“For an increasing number of SMBs globally, their cloud application and service providers are their IT department. Cloud-based systems are particularly valuable to small and mid-tier manufacturers in North America who have small IT departments that are already overworked keeping key systems running. For these SMBs, cloud-based continuous delivery of new enhancements along with subscription-based pricing makes budgeting for services predictable and manageable.”1

 In addition, the same article forecasts that 78% of U.S. small businesses will have adopted cloud computing by 2020, and that figure will grow from 43 billion in 2015 to 55 billion in 2016.

 In the beginning, public cloud was great:

  • No upfront capital requirements or lengthy procurement processes
  • Easy onboarding with development tools
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • Greater agility for lines of business (LOBs)

 But now things have changed:

  • It’s expensive over time, especially when fully optioned.
  • Performance can be unpredictable with latency issues.
  • With easy access by LOB, there is a loss of control.
  • As data grows, portability becomes a real issue.
  • Expectations of enterprise-class services and availability are in question. Control, security, compliance, and integration to existing systems must be considered as called out in this 451 Research white paper.
  • New and better options are available from HPE Partner Ready service providers

 HPE Partner Ready service providers select the best HPE equipment to support their customer base.

 Driven by shared values and loyalty, HPE works closely with our Partner Ready service providers. We share product roadmaps, jointly plan solutions, and collaborate on a technical level. The result of our efforts are offerings that are more streamlined and integrated.

Service providers using HPE solutions understand the cloud and how it can be used to deliver positive outcomes.

Learn more about the HPE Partner Ready Service Provider Program at


  1. May 5, 2015 Forbes/Tech Online article. “Roundup of Small & Medium Business Cloud Computing Forecast and Markets Estimates, 2015”
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