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Heading to HP Discover Frankfurt? We have a great show exclusive for you if you are

Chris Purcell

Businesses have been immersed in the buzz surrounding the cloud. What does all this mean for you?  Why should you care?


Every 7-10 years, technology delivery undergoes a tectonic shift; one that opens up new business and access models.  Today, cloud computing is leading the path of this next technological evolution, offering IT new means of helping organizations accelerate towards solving their business and technology challenges to speed innovation, enhance agility and drive business model transformation


HP recognizes the significance of cloud for business and is committed to helping you on your cloud journey. To help reduce risk, improve success and simplify your cloud journey experience, HP is providing an exclusive opportunity. The HP Converged Cloud Accelerator Pack is available for a limited time, exclusively to participants who attend HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt.  Access your exclusive HP Converged Cloud Accelerator Pack to leverage instant cloud savings!


Included in the HP Converged Cloud Accelerator Pack:


Free cloud consulting services for planning your cloud

Getting the most out of cloud computing is not always a simple exercise.  You require an understanding of where and how cloud computing can most effectively be applied to your organization’s portfolio of services. At HP, we have made it our business to help you grasp all aspects of the cloud—from the overall landscape to the precise strategy you need to adopt to deliver cloud services. 

Join this free workshop to start your journey to cloud today


Free IaaS access for your cloud test and development environment

Get your developers to build the next generation of web applications, and change the economics of deploying modernized applications in the cloud. Whether you’re an independent developer or a Fortune 100 company, you want a cloud environment that gives you the flexibility of choice. Get free access to the cloud today.

Access free IaaS on HP’s Public Cloud


Migrate or launch your enterprise applications with Cloud Runway Promotion – up to $6000 of value

HP is excited to offer customers a chance to launch new project or migrate existing enterprise applications from public cloud, private cloud or on premise environments to HP Cloud Services at no-cost. Apply for the Cloud Runway promotion and receive an entire 30 days* of free public cloud services as you migrate your application and 60 days of additional usage at a 50% discount.

Migrate or launch your enterprise applications in HP Cloud NOW


*First 30 days of HP public cloud services are free (up to $1000 value) and can be used for proof-of-concept at a 50% discount on 2nd month and 3rd month bill, up to $5000 value.


Build a private cloud environment in just 1 day with HP CloudSystem Matrix software -- free for 90 Day trial

If you are already taking advantage of the benefits of virtualization and are ready to continue down the path to cloud, you can now build a private cloud within a day.  Create your service catalog for a complete IaaS implementation for virtual environments with HP CloudSystem Matrix software. This offer comes complete with free customer-installable software and a free HP training to get you into the cloud quickly.

Download the trial for HP x86 servers

Download the trial for non-HP x86 servers

Download the 2 hour training session


50% off on HP ExpertOne Cloud certification exams to enhance your staff’s knowledge and expertise

Businesses are being challenged to find expertise to help transform legacy data centers into cloud computing environments that align to evolving business needs. With HP ExpertOne Cloud certifications, you can start to build certified professionals within your team.  Gain the skills to transform IT from being technology-centric to being a unified service-centric IT organization that is open, secure, agile, and consistent across cloud and traditional IT services.

Request your 50% off on Cloud certification exam vouchers (2 per company)


Managing services in the cloud? Get a 21 day free trial of the HP SaaS management solution

The IT service desk is supposed to make life simpler for employees, customers, and IT staff who need information.   All too often, the service desk ends up adding complexity, confusion and cost to an already overburdened IT organization. You need a simple-to-use solution that enables you to efficiently manage and deliver high-quality services.  HP Service Anywhere has easy to use built-in best practices that enable you to realize process improvements benefits without having to re-invent ITSM processes.

Get a 21 day free trial of the HP Service Anywhere today


Improving the speed and quality of application development with a 30 day free trial of HP Agile Manager

Software as a Service based HP Agile Manager helps organize, plan, and execute Agile projects. Discover how it can empower your teams, plus increase collaboration, visibility and agility on an enterprise scale to help you achieve nimbleness in the face of increasing application complexity and change.

Register for a free 30-day trial today!


Regardless where you are on your cloud journey, the HP Converged Cloud Accelerator Pack includes valuable solutions that will put your organization on the path to cloud success.  To get your Accelerator Pack, register for HP Discover Frankfurt today. 




For more information on HP Converged Cloud visit

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