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How to boost IT efficiency by 75% and create time for innovation


Written by Nimish Shelat, Product Marketing Manager, HP Automation and Cloud Management


Ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re just running to stand still, like you’re on a treadmill cranked too high and can’t be shut off? Too often this is what working in IT is like now!


Big data. Mobile. Cloud. These intense forces are reshaping IT environments. The result? More systems and applications to manage than ever.


According to IDC research, the average number of Virtual Machines per physical server is predicted to double between 2008 and 2016. The percentage of data center IT operations costs spent on staff is up 40% in the last 5 years. On average, a substantial majority of IT budgets gets eaten up by maintenance — in other words, running to stand still.


Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency

The problem, of course, is that if you’re working hard to just stand still, you’ll eventually fall behind. IT organizations have become very focused on Improving IT staff productivity and operational efficiency, as well as implementing common tools, services, processes across cloud and non-cloud environments.


A growing number of forward-thinking IT organizations are aggressively investing in automation and orchestration solutions. They recognize that expanding automation and orchestration initiatives is a key stepping stone to achieving many other priorities, like accelerating cloud initiatives.


By orchestrating IT processes — coordinating automated tasks and activities across teams, tools, and environments — organizations reduce errors and improve consistency and reliability. They can also enable their team to deploy new infrastructure faster while responding more quickly to issues. A majority of IT organizations have reduced task and process execution time by 50% or more, and many achieve greater than 75% efficiency gains.


These are clearly valuable benefits in their own right for the time and money saved. But automation and orchestration offers an even greater strategic advantage: it relieves staff from executing time-consuming manual tasks and instead lets them focus on other, more innovative initiatives.


Managing IT with less hands-on, manual intervention across the organization helps break the tread mill run!


20130128_THEATER_CONCRETE_TABLET_MAN_020.jpgLearn more with our orchestration toolkit

Find out how orchestration can empower higher IT service quality and more innovative services. Take a look at the HP Toolkit for IT Orchestration to discover just how big the benefits can be, and how to get started on the road to service-centric IT:  

  • See how orchestration helps you maximize the advantages of the cloud
  • Explore the business advantages of orchestration with an infographic that shows how orchestration is delivering 75% efficiency gains with scale from 1-100K+ servers
  • Read real-world case-studies about the staggering benefits HP customers have achieved 

Download the toolkit here.

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