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How to troubleshoot your flow with Operations Orchestration


Written by Yaniv Mizrahi, HPSW RnD (Automation and Cloud Management)


troubleshoot.jpgAs an Operations Orchestration (OO) user, you probably experience some flow failures caused by any number of issues. For example, the specific flow may have a problem or there could be an error in the configuration. Maybe it has nothing to do with you and it is related to network failures or obsolete passwords. Just remember, each cause requires a different remediation.

This blog demonstrates one way to investigate a failure, using OO 10.10 capabilities, when the root cause of the problem is not clear.


Scenario: You have a flow that used to run successfully – but now it has failed due to System Account changes





Step1:Run Explorer:

Filter the problematic flow in Operations Orchestration and see if there are more errors. It can help to understand the problem, in case you can’t find another error except to this flow. Then select the right row and double click on it.



Troubleshoot2.pngStep2:“Run Tracking” view:

Select the relevant step with the error and press on “Step Details” TAB. This TAB provides information that can help with the investigation.



Probably the latest error in the run is the one thatcauses the problem so start investigating the error from this step



To drill down to the step and get more details click on “Go to run log view”. This will take you to the right step in the “Run Log”.





Troubleshoot4.pngStep3: “Run Log” view:

According to the “Raw Results” column, it seems the flow was failed due to authentication issue. If more details are needed from the results row, you can double click on it (Yellow part), window with more details about the problem will appear:





From the additional information it seems that the authentication failed and it is related to the SSH session. That means that the access to the Linux machine was failed due to a wrong user name or password. If the error that you find is not the one that caused the problem, use the “Find” option in the “Run Log”, it marks the relevant error that you want to find.




Step4: Fix the problem:

Go to the right system account and update the user name and password. Run the flow again and verify that it successfully passed.


To summarize, in the blog we have investigated a flow failure using the OO 10.10 troubleshooting capabilities. We began with the failure, compared it with previous runs, looked into the details of the specific run and identified the failed step and its reason. The investigation resulted with the fix to the configuration problem.


Next Steps …

To learn more about how HP Operations Orchestration can help you with troubleshooting your flows and with your IT process automation visit the product page here. Arm yourself with new insights on managing change within your dynamic data center. Download this toolkit today and learn how you can free yourself from errors, risks and save yourself from manual tasks. It is time to take control of the situation.


You can also join us on HP Automation and Cloud Management Community. A place where you can share your thoughts and ideas, and see what others are saying about IT automation and cloud management. Your voice deserves to be heard by a community that matters, and where practitioners go to be heard.


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