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Ibermática Accelerates IT Service Delivery with Hybrid Cloud


Offering a hybrid cloud environment does not only benefit Ibermática’s diverse customer base, it’s also a key business advantage for the Spanish IT services provider.

For decades, Ibermática focused on providing companies around the world with robust traditional IT infrastructures. As demand for more flexible technologies continues to grow, Ibermática has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to support its customers’ needs for cloud.

Today, Ibermática leverages the HPE Helion portfolio of cloud solutions to provide its customers with a powerful combination of private cloud and public cloud designed to their specific technology and business objectives.

The partnership with HPE has enabled Ibermática to expand its own portfolio, automate IT processes, and reduce management costs for both itself and its customers.

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Cloud with More Value

Ibermática works with customers from different industries including finance, utilities, healthcare, and telecommunications and media.

Although companies are changing their infrastructures all the time, according to Gutiérrez, a hybrid cloud environment can accommodate their current and future business needs with the same platform.

The company is building hybrid cloud environments for its customers on HPE Helion Development Platform, which is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that is tightly integrated with HPE Helion open source private cloud solutions, and provides managed application services.

The partnership with HPE enables Ibermática to develop new models of IT consumption and increase service value. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), IT as a Service—they are all new platforms that Ibermática is offering to customers.

Ibermática’s customers are able to launch new services quickly, and remove services when new ones replace them.

Internally, Ibermática is no longer required to hire additional IT personnel to oversee services during off-hours—cost savings the firm can pass along to its customers as well.

“With HPE Helion, we are offering customers a complete hybrid environment where we can mix what they need in private cloud, what they need in our shared platform cloud, and what they deploy in their own data center,” Gutiérrez says. “We put everything on a single platform so they have one, flexible infrastructure without any constraints.”


See more on how Ibermática is ensuring its customers’ investments today have value tomorrow:



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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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