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Identifying and preventing security threats: Service providers address clients’ biggest concerns


robert wigger.gifGuest post by Robert Wigger, Vice President, Service Providers – EMEA – HP Enterprise Group


In my recent discussions with service providers, enterprise security is always on our ‘hot topic list’. Recently, the latest headlines about an eminent major cyber-attack with predictions of lasting damage to a major world economy within the next five years are very concerning. Add to that the recent system breaches at Home Depot, Target and other high-profile companies in every region; it’s no surprise that security is the number one concern among CIOs today.

CIOs are painfully aware that changing infrastructure, software, and regulatory environments have made traditional technologies that are inadequate against malware and cyber-attacks. In the meantime, business trends such as mobility, cloud services, and outsourcing have made IT security even more challenging, while cyber-criminals have become more specialized, organized, and sophisticated.


Companies have responded with huge investments in security spending, but breach frequencies have continued to increase—as have associated costs. Reasons for this discrepancy include:

  • Widespread understaffing due to unavailability of security talent
  • A bewildering choice of security solution options
  • Poorly deployed security strategies

The opportunity for service providers

Service providers have a unique opportunity to provide their customers with security-related staff, technology, and solutions. But to be successful, service providers need to get it right all the time—they are judged to have failed if there is a single compromised system or piece of data that falls into the wrong hands.


How can service providers outsmart cyber-criminals?

While there’s no magic weapon in the war against cyber-crime, service providers need to find the right combination of security products and processes to protect their clients. When looking at security partners, service providers should consider:

  • Collaboration—Does your partner recognize the importance of real-time, systematized data gathering and open standards? HP is leading an initiative to build and share actionable threat intelligence with other trusted organizations and communities.
  • Integration—To better protect their clients and clients’ data, service providers should take an integrated approach to security. This approach starts with a single, comprehensive view of risk across the organization.
  • Prevention—Reactive processes come with bad press, potential lawsuits, and substantial losses. Now is the time to be proactive. With the unstructured data capabilities of HP Information Analytics solutions, service providers can literally pick up “cyber-criminal chatter,” enabling preemptive strikes.
  • Expertise—With a dire shortage of security personnel, service providers need a partner who can extend their capabilities and fill critical gaps. Through HP, service providers have access to more than 5,000 security industry specialists, security incident response services, and forensic, litigation, and data recovery services, all supported by HP Enterprise Security Products.

When companies leverage externally-sourced IT solutions from service providers, often their security concerns are amplified due to a lack of perceived control.


How can a service provider ensure they are addressing these concerns to protect their clients? As the leader in the security market, HP conducts innovative research to develop security products and services. We’re positioned as a leader in the respective categories for our security products: HP ArcSight, HP Fortify, and HP TippingPoint. As a service provider who understands the top concerns of their clients, working with HP, you can provide the confidence to address your clients’ security requirements.


Collaboration, integration and prevention – combined with security expertise and solutions - help to bring that heightened concern level back down for me, the service providers I work with and their customers. What’s your best security strategy that helps you sleep at night? I’d like to hear from you.


To learn how service providers can solve the security dilemma for cyber-crime and provide customers with the staff, technology, and solutions to address security breaches, download the white paper, “Identify and prevent security threats.”


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