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Interested in deploying hybrid clouds? HP CloudSystem has broader bursting capabilities.


It is announcement day for HP CloudSystem at HP Discover in Frankfurt. In addition to the OpenStack KVM support announced today, HP CloudSystem also adds additional hybrid cloud bursting capabilities to give customers more flexibility on where they can run their workloads.


One of the things that many customers have requested is the ability to start an application in their data center and then get more resources from public clouds such as HP Cloud Services or Amazon AWS. We can deliver this capability using HP CloudSystem Enterprise  - the combination of CloudSystem Matrix and Cloud Service Automation. For instance, a CloudSystem application service can embed multiple web server infrastructure services, each of which uses a different cloud sourcing model.  When provisioning the application, CloudSystem will provision those web servers, no matter where they run, according to the blueprint defined for the application service.


Another popular request from our customers is the ability to efficiently share resources across multiple data centers within their company. HP CloudSystem now allows customers using CloudSystem Matrix in one location to deploy compute services to another CloudSystem Matrix deployment in another location within the organization using CloudSystem bursting techniques. For instance, a CloudSystem managed data center in Palo Alto could make excess resources available to a HP CloudSystem managed data center in Frankfurt.


One of the other things that we've heard from customers is that they would like the option to deploy to hybrid cloud environments that include global providers such as HP Cloud Services, but also to the growing number of regional and country specific cloud service providers. HP now provides a customizable OpenStack-based CloudSystem bursting connector for service providers. This will allow CloudSystem-based service providers to more easily create connectors so that HP CloudSystem customers can automatically deploy compute services to their environments in addition to HP Cloud Services, Amazon AWS, Savvis, and of course, their own CloudSystem environments.


If you are interested in learning more, there are several options. If you are at HP Discover in Frankfurt, feel free to visit the HP CloudSystem booths in the Cloud Zone to see a demo. Alternatively, we have updated white papers on HP CloudSystem Matrix bursting and Application bursting with CloudSystem Enterprise for more details. Finally, if you are a service provider, the HP Cloud Agile program will help you with the Service Provider connector.


Jacob Van Ewyk

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I am part of the CloudSystem Matrix product management team at HP. I focus on our partnering strategy with other HP software products.

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