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Is your business “fit” enough to win?


I was born in Philadelphia, and I often reflect on my childhood and smile when I think of watching the legendary film series “Rocky” as a kid. As a child, I was so amazed that I knew all the areas around town so well. I also remember getting an adrenaline rush of Rocky getting better and better through each challenge he faced (cue orchestra here).

If you have seen the films, you know that he often started out not as” fit” and needed to rebuild and restructure his game and re-evaluate his approach to reach new heights.  I encourage you to take a moment and have some fun going down memory lane and remember the correlation between Rocky’s required training innovations and his triumphs as a result. Think about how “fit” your IT infrastructure is currently and what you may need to do to be prepared for your business to win and be successful.


The Rocky series clip above highlights the required “fitness” for success in our businesses as we meet and exceed the new styles of IT expectations.  We have to come up with new ways to be “fit” and ready for new challenges. Your competition and stakeholders are “training” at new rates that yield new expectations for what customers want and how they expect to access your business solutions.


HP Cloud can help you understand how your journey from traditional infrastructure to cloud can optimize your business.  Business is changing and you have to remain aware of the most innovative ways to “stay in shape” as a business.  HP Cloud offers many ways to leverage the cloud, and for most customers cloud will be a part of a strategy that combines traditional IT with private and public cloud elements. A hybrid approach ensures you have optimal mix of delivery models — just the services you need, when you need them. With a hybrid cloud you have  plenty of flexibility.  Learn more about how HP Cloud unveils innovations to help customers thrive in a hybrid world.


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Ortega Pittman
HP Worldwide Marketing
Accelerating Innovation &Thought Leadership with HP Helion
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Ortega has been working for HP for 7 years across their Global Marketing organization. "Tega" is an HP Cloud Senior Marketing leader accelerating messaging around HP Cloud Solutions. Her professional passions range from but are not limited to: globalized messaging on cloud solutions, learning from, interacting with, & influencing enterprise executives in their IT & business model investment strategies. Tega enjoys sharing her social media voice, global network experience, and innovative thoughts. In addition, she keeps her followers connected on world events, industry trends, & global demands that impact the need for technology solutions. Her professional passion stems in outreach to decision makers from startups to enterprise who want to change the world. Tega offers inspiration to her followers that they embrace becoming or comtinue to expand as "forward thinkers". Let's do this! Your enterprise is counting on you.

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