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It's Time Once Again to Vote for OpenStack Summit Sessions




Here is the list of sessions submitted by various HP employees for your consideration. I have organized the submissions by the groupings defined by the OpenStack foundation. Please click the link to learn more about these sessions and submit your vote.



  • OpenStack Summit Aurora Light Painting Portraits by Julian Cash
  • What's All the Noise about a Possible Bylaws Change? by Eileen Evans and Mark Radcliffe
  • Development and Application of the OpenStack Personas by Liz Blanchard, Ju Lim, and Pieter Kruithof

Cloud Strategy and Business Value

  • Lessons learned migrating fortune 500 products to OpenStack by Schalk Theron
  • Support for white label or virtual cloud business model in Keystone by Arvind Tiwari
  • OpenStack and High Performance Computing / Technical Computing – Opportunities and Challenges by Thomas Goepel

Apps on OpenStack

  • Convincing the Data Scientist to Select OpenStack by Bruce Basil Matthews
  • Cloud Agents: Service as a Platform by Jeff Kramer
  • Migrating Workloads from Amazon Web Services to HP Public Cloud OpenStack Environment by Jim Haselmaier and Rajeev Pandey
  • Building SDKs for OpenStack by Matt Farina

Getting Started

  • Tempest out of the gate: live cloud testing by Andrea Frittoli


  • Windows Baremetal Provisioning in Ironic by Srinivasa Acharya, Om Kumar, and Sirushti Murugesan
  • High Performance Hyperscale Cloud with HP Moonshot by Mahalakshmi Balakrishnan, Sandhya Balakrishnan, and Sunitha Kannan

Community Building

  • Pushing OpenStack Meetups into the Cloud: It’s as Inevitable as OpenStack by Stephen Spector
  • What Does it Take to Fix It when it Breaks? by Harry Sutton


  • OpenStack Security: Perspective by Nayana Dawalbhatka 
  • OpenStack Security Group (OSSG): An Update on our Progress and Plans by Bryan Payne, Robert Clark, and Nathan Kinder
  • State of OpenStack Security by Robert Clark and Cody Bunch


  • Troubleshooting Neutron – Why can’t I ping my VM? by Ed Bak
  • Operating Neutron at Scale in HP Public Cloud by Jack McCann
  • Experiences with High Availability and Neutron Network Nodes by Dermot Tynan and Tom Howley


  • Installing OpenStack using SaltStack by Yazz Atlas
  • OpenStack::Where Continuous Delivery and Distros Collide by Mark McLoughlin and Monty Taylor
  • Hasso Plattner Institute: Managing Diverse Demanding Workloads with OpenStack by J.R. Horton and Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze
  • Hasso Plattner Institute: Creating Multi-Tier Workloads on an OpenStack-based cloud by Rajmohan Rajagopalan and Christian Neuhaus
  • Running OpenStack at Scale: It really is hard work by Topher White
  • Running HA OpenStack Trove by Saurabh Surana and Vipul Sabhaya
  • Scalable Monitoring as a Service for Operations and Customers by Brad Saunders and Roland Hochmuth
  • End-to-End Testing approach for large scale cloud deployments: Peeling the Onion by Nayana Dawalbhakta
  • Deploying and Developing OpenStack Savanna base on the DevStack  by Dong Ma

Public and Hybrid Clouds

  • Hybrid cloud computing with HP CSA and OpenStack by Ashwini Gurucharan, Shruti Mittal, and Promod Vitala
  • Neutron Load Balancer API: Managed Service Requirements and Extensions by Tim Cuddy
  • Graffiti – The Cloud Capability Service by Travis Tripp and Murali Sundar

Ecosystem, Products, and Services

  • Create your own OpenStack service in 15 minutes by Keshava Bharadwaj and Kanagaraj Manickam
  • Provisioning Workload-Optimized Servers with OpenStack: HP Cloud OS for Moonshot by Hari Kannan and Ronald Nelyand


  • Configuring Block Storage in OpenStack Made Simple by Mingyan Bao
  • General solution of backup/restore and synchronization of data center resources managed by OpenStack by Yehia Beyh
  • Delivering Highly Available Cinder on COTS Storage using the HP StoreVirtual/LeftHand VSA by Samuel Fineberg and Kurt Martin
  • Data Protection in OpenStack: Moving Forward by Muthukumar Murugan
  • Performance measurements on Swift by Eamonn O’Toole 
  • Do it yourself Swift benchmarkmarking made simple by Mark Seger

Hands on Workshops (90 Minutes)

  • Designate: Interactive Workshop - Install and Operate by Kiall Mac Iness, Rich Meggison, Joe McBride, Graham Hayes, Ron Rickard, and Vinod Mangalpally

Related OSS Projects

  • Designate: Deep Dive for Operators/Deployers by Graham Hayes and Ron Rickard
  • Designate: An Overview of DNSaaS for OpenStack by Kiall Mac Iness, Rich Meggison, and Joe McBride
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I manage the HPE Helion social media and website teams promoting the enterprise cloud solutions at HPE for hybrid, public, and private clouds. I was previously at Dell promoting their Cloud solutions and was the open source community manager for OpenStack and at Rackspace and Citrix Systems. While at Citrix Systems, I founded the Citrix Developer Network, developed global alliance and licensing programs, and even once added audio to the DOS ICA client with assembler. Follow me at @SpectorID

Dong Ma(anon) ‎02-19-2014 07:02 PM

Hi Stephen,


You didn't add my session. :)


 Deploying and Developing OpenStack Savanna base on the DevStack  by Dong Ma




Thanks Dong, the voting tool is hard to use when searching for multiple sessions from a given company such as HP. I will add your session to the main blog as well as leave in the comments. Stephen Spector

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