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Latest research shows key benefits and capabilities of private and hybrid cloud for AWS users


Private clouds and hybrid infrastructure for Amazon AWS

If you have already developed and deployed apps in the Amazon AWS public cloud, you are probably like many of our customers who are finding that there is additional flexibility required to meet all your app and data needs. For example, Amazon in some cases does not have a region in the country or location that is required by government or business compliance rules or have the additional controls that are required for specific enterprise security needs. Sometimes AWS simply doesn’t offer the specific configurations needed for certain application performance requirements. In other cases, steady-state applications that are running constantly can be run less expensively on a private cloud or you may simply want to leverage some of your existing capex hardware investments.


While AWS offers the agility needed for new requirements or unexpected workloads, enterprises also need a solution that protects that investment while providing the flexibility to: use a private cloud to control costs on longer running apps; offer specialized resources to speed application performance or delivery; have the compliance controls required for more sensitive applications.


Current research is showing that 38% of application workloads are already in the cloud—and organizations are pushing this to 56% by 2018[i]. Finding your right mix of public and private cloud that offer specialized performance and compliance capabilities to power your apps and optimize costs at the same time, is critical to staying competitive. In fact, 68% of customers have either migrated apps from a public cloud to a private cloud or plan to, to meet unique requirements that only a private cloud can meet, all while retaining the flexibility and agility of cloud services. You might have thought it difficult to design and install a private cloud that truly works seamlessly with AWS—one that allows you to develop, test and deploy on the right private or public cloud destination without any issues.


hybrid-cloud-AWS-infographic.PNGHPE has just released the latest Freedom to Move without Friction Infographic that puts together the latest research of what is driving AWS users to implement a hybrid cloud. It includes key capabilities to get there faster and the types of benefits other AWS users are seeing with a hybrid infrastructure.


The infographic has some quick start points to help you define your right mix with a hybrid cloud infrastructure for AWS using a solution that enables seamless migration of apps and data between the AWS public cloud and your private cloud.  The graphic helps identify four key capabilities that should be considered to help you the lower risks, balance OpEx and CapEx investments to control costs, and accelerate development and performance cycles compared to just public cloud alone.

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Seamless solutions that work

HPE Helion provides a complete hybrid infrastructure for AWS solution, available in two deployment options. They both work seamlessly with your existing AWS public cloud, allowing you to find your right mix of public cloud and private cloud to meet your organization’s needs:


  • HPE Helion Eucalyptus is an AWS-compatible private cloud software solution that you can deploy and manage on your own infrastructure. It includes fully compatible AWS APIs and development tools.
  • HPE Helion Managed Eucalyptus Service* is an AWS-compatible private cloud that is set up as an OpEx investment and managed by HPE experts as a service. It removes the complexity and expense of ongoing management of your private cloud so you can focus on your key business objectives. It also leverages the depth of experience and expertise that HPE has in building and operating secure, compliant, private clouds.


In addition, HPE also offers expert services through HPE Helion Professional Services that provides consulting assistance to help you meet specialized cloud management, support unique workload use case requirements, or just fill in skill set and expertise gaps you might have.


Results that matter: hybrid infrastructure for AWS successes

HPE helped Cornell University meet the high-end computing needs of faculty, research and students with a hybrid cloud that gave them a cost effective method of tapping both AWS-compatible private cloud resources and AWS public cloud. The hybrid cloud service, called Red Cloud, now allows them to perform simulations and analysis on a private AWS-compatible cloud, but seamlessly burst to AWS public cloud to meet peak demands. This hybrid service helps research teams, across institutional boundaries, share and get the resources they need so everyone achieves a faster time-to-science.  And by making Red Cloud available through subscriptions rather than just pay-as-you go, it enables departments to set limits on their usage and expenditures.


Get started with your right mix of hybrid infrastructure for AWS

A good place to get started is by determining where your business results with AWS public cloud alone is not fully meeting your needs, or where it’s escalating your costs—and which of these business results and outcomes you are most focused on. Next, prioritize which AWS apps would gain the most from a move to a private cloud and help achieve those business outcomes the fastest.


Recommended Resources:

Also, take a few minutes to watch the video How HPE Helion Eucalyptus can help your business or Taking AWS Private with HPE Helion Eucalyptus.

For the latest research, customer case studies and best practices on expanding your AWS public cloud to hybrid cloud see the Hybrid Infrastructure for AWS use case site.


[i] 2016 Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit Survey, 451 Research

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